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A0 Coups and costs

(in reverse chronological order)

“USP Vice Chancellor and ethics” (Letter to the Editor, 13 April, 2014)

Impact of Media Censorhip on Narsey articles (note for MIDA Chairman) (28 March 2014)

The MIDA Chairman (Mr Ashwin Raj) and Media Censorship Professor Wadan Narsey (13 April 2014)

Kerosene and water, mixing slowly: the internal racisms (a personal view). Part III. 11 April 2014.

For a change from politics: “A wonderful wood fired cooking stove”. 11 April 2014.

Kadavu statement by Brigadier General Tikoitoga” Letter to the Editor, Fiji TImes, Fiji Sun. 9 April 2014.

 “Consider small revision to Ballot Paper”. Letter to Editor Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, 9 April 2014.

“Prime Minister’s Office and Development Projects” Letter to the Editor, FS and FT, 2 April 2014 (not published)

“Bainimarama Regime and Agricultural Scam”  Letter to the Editor (published)(date?)

MIDA, kerosene and water: what of other racisms. Part I and II. 7 April 2014.

Major Development Project Proposals to Qarase Government 25 May 2005. Professor Wadan Narsey.

Election Issues Bulletin 8:   Fostering Indigenous Fijians in Business. Keynote presentation at Indigenous Fijian Business Council AGM, The Fijian, Sigatoka. 30 March 2006.

“Election Issues Bulletin 7:     The 2o14 Elections under the Open List System”. 31 March 2014.

“Bainmarama Regime presents Fiji’s electoral nightmare”.  30 March 2014.

“Challenges and options for the FPSA in 2014: You shall overcome” Speech by Professor Wadan Narsey at the FPSA AGM, Novotel, 15 March 2014.

Election Issues, Bulletin 6: Gender, Sports, Indigenous Fijians in Business, Music, National Identity”. 19 March 2014.

“Election issues, Bulletin 5: Jobs, incomes, GDP and Public Debt” 17 March 2014

Election issues, Bulletin 4:  2014 Election demographics. 13 March 2014.

Election issues, Bulletin 3: Constitution and related decrees”.  4 March 2014.

“Electoral Commission and Rubber Stamps”. Letter to Editor, 4 March 2014.

“Use of children in advertisements” Letters to Editor, 27 Feb 2014. (not published)

“Commerce Commission and Minimum Wage Rates”. Letters to Editor, 27 Feb 2014. (not published)

“Mobile charges and Dr Reddy”. Letters to Editor, 27 Feb 2014. (not published)

“Election issue, Bulletin 2:  Education and Retirement Age”. 27 February 2014.

“Election issue, Bulletin 1:  Management of FNPF”. 21 February 2014.

“End of examinations not an achievement” Letter to Editor 2 Feb 2014. Published 4 Feb 2014.

“Dr Nur Bano Ali, Women  in Business Awards and Ministerial Salaries” Letter to Editor, 28 Janaury 2014.

“Permanent Secretary (Finance), Ministerial salaries, and PSC”  Letter to Editor, 28 January 2014.

“An irrational education policy”. Letter to the Editor (Fiji Times, Fiji Sun) 24 January 2014.

The hibernation of Fijian intellectuals“. 22 January 2014. (Post-script added 28 January, 2014).

The Electoral Commission and Rubber Stamps. Letter to the Editor, 22  January 2014.

Free and Fair Elections. Letter to the Editor, 22 January 2014.

“Good governance, Fiji Airways Board, accountability and Auditor General” (sent 1 Jan 2014)

“The conflicts of interest in the TELS Board” (Fiji Sun, 1 January 2014)

Are civil servants leaving a “paper trail”.  Letter to Editors 18 December 2013 (not published)

“Commerce Commission, Vodaphone and Fiji Link Monopolistic exploitation” (published Fiji Times, 15 December 2013)

“Who gave permits for marine environmental destruction?” Letter to Editors (published 14 Dec 2013, Fiji Times.

“Who audits the Fiji Roads Authority” Letter to Editor, Fiji Sun, 13 December 2013.

“The 2014 Budget: selling the farm assets”. 13 November 2013.

Maligning the old politicians“. 1 Nov. 2013.

Mr Bole, School Principals and National Examinations” (Letters to the Editor, not published, 31 Oct. 2013)

Where are the 2007 Census Analytical Reports”. Letter to the Editor, Fiji Sun, 31 Oct. 2013.

“Huge salary increase for Permanent Secretaries”. 20 Oct. Letter to the Editor of Fiji Sun, Fiji Times (not published)

Enforced 55 year retirement policy by Bainimarama Government” (Partly censored Letter to the Editor, 24 Oct. 2013)

The Old Minimum Wages are Dead: long live the New Minimum Wage“.  3 October 2013.

The 2013 Bainimarama Khaiyum Constitution: the darkness and the light.  31 August 2013.

Transparency International Fiji makes “tactical shift” for the Siwatibau Lecture.  28 August 2013.

“Australia and NZ influence on World Bank and ADB loans to Fiji: the China factor”.  Development Policy Blog, ANU. 7 June 2013.

Fiji Media ownership constricting media freedom: what should journalist do?” Republika. 24 May 2013. Planned speech for USP Journalism Students’ celebration of UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day, USP. (Chief Guest removed from program by instruction from USP Management.

Mangrove regeneration if destructive subdivision stopped. Fiji Sun. 10 May 2013.

USP censorship continues: UNESCO World Press Freedom Day. 10 May 2013.

The Peoples Charter and Accountability of John Samy and Archbishop Mataca. 6 April 2013.

Letter by John Samy and Archbishop Mataca to Commodore Bainimarama, 17 Nov. 2011.

Fiji Media Competition, Commerce Commission and the Media Authority. Islands Business, 5 April 2013.

The Bainimarama/Khaiyum Constitution. ADACIP. ADACIP.  22 March 2013.

Computerization 20 years forward, information 30 years backwardIslands Business, 15 March 2013.

Fiji leaders’ abdication of responsibility on religious freedom (and other issues such as violence against prisoners). 6 March 2013.

Overview to the coups of 1987, 2000, 2006 and 2009:

Still valid:  the myth of Bainimarama’s quest for racial equality in Fiji: presentation at James Cook University Bainimarama’s coup and ethnicity in Fiji- separating facts from fiction 23 March Seminar at James Cook University. 25 March 2012.

Letter to the Editor on ANZ gift to Cyclone Relief Fund. 9 Feb. 2013.

Fiji media moghuls quashing media independence. 7 Feb. 2013

India and China: elephants in the Fiji room. 16 January 2013.

The Trashing of the Ghai Draft Constitution: the positives. 14 January 2013.

Fiji’s Draft 2012 Constitution: the pragmatic and the purist. 26 December 2012.

Final submission to the Yash Ghai Commission, 11 October 2012.

Final submission to the Yash Ghai Commission (in easy to read segments)

A  Contents, Executive Summary and Preamble

B  New or revised constitution and how- it is not semantics

C  Non-negotiable aspects of the Draft Constitution

D  My recommendations for the Electoral System

E  Contentious issues should be decided by the next Parliament

F  The composition of the Constituent Assembly and decision-making

G  Who is responsible for the coup culture and how eliminate it

H  The failure of accountability so far

I  The economic impact of the Bainimarama Regime

J  Concluding remarks and other relevant writings on the coups

What would Mahatma Gandhi stand for in Fiji today, 2 October 2012. Speech at Gandhi Day celebrations, MGM HIgh School.

“Making rich Fijians richer”: contextual statement for Defense Counsel for Mr Qarase.

Air of optimism, but media censorship continues. 4 July 2012.

What the Fiji Sun refused to publish: Dodgy Australians and Kiwis abroad. 

Dodgy Australians and Kiwis abroad.

Allegations of Electoral Fraud, and desirable targets for voter registration and voter turnout. Submission 3 to Yash Ghai Commission. Revised 12 June 

“Political turmoil cruels investment decisions”: but where? Islands Business, 1 June 2012.

General submission to the Yash Ghai Commission. May 31 2012

An Electoral Reform Proposal to the Ghai Commission. May 23, 2012.

“Ghai’s dilemma: to be more than a tape recorder”.

Testing Yash Ghai’s alternative to futile cynicism (27 March 2012)

Fijians and iTaukei: name changes by military decree”. Various blogs. 18 March 2012.

Bainimarama’s coup and ethnicity in Fiji- separating facts from fiction 23 March Seminar at James Cook University. 25 March 2012.

Military Regime trashes pensioners’ contracts”. Coupfourpointfive  26 Nov 2011.

Why good people support evil: applying Philip Zimbardo to Fiji”. Intelligentsiya.  15 Nov  2011.

“Fiji’s cancerous conspiracies of silence”. Intelligentsiya.  Nov 5  2011.

Ending the cycles of religious intolerance” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 3 September 2011

Namosi Copper Mine may pose severe risks for Fiji’s environment” Pacific Scoop. 24 August 2011.

Your money is not fully yours”. The Fiji Times 7 May 2011.

The bond issue: when failure is called success, while the regime digs Fiji’s hole deeper”. Pacific Scoop. 12 March 2011.

Merging Wages Councils: going backwards” Pacific Scoop 16 February 2011.

“The moral gutting of Fiji and coming economic collapse” (various blogs)

“Budget 2010: the great cover-up”.  (blogs)

The military government’s media censorship and its own People’s Charter”. (various blogs 2010)

Media censorship and a deeper darkness during Diwali”   (Pacific Scoop, 12 December 2010).

“The 2011 Budget Oscars: burdening future generations” (blogs).

Coup wolves circling FNPF”  Fiji Sun, 14 March 2009 and The Fiji Times 13 March 2009.

“The Rev Niukula Lecture on Just Wages in Fiji”.  April 2009 organized  by ECREA. (blogs)

“The moral gutting of Fiji and coming economic collapse” 13 July 2009 (blogs)

“A shameful police state”  22 July 2009 (blogs)

“Does the military really want electoral reform?” (blogs)

“Electoral reform is not about racial justice” (blogs)

“Floods and coups: selective blindness” The Fiji Times, 31 January 2009.

The Charter Charade” The Fiji Times, 23 December 2008.

Electoral fraud in US and NZ: coups imminent” Fiji Sun, 16 December 2008.

“Transparency, accountability and us” The Fiji Times, and Fiji Sun, 11 December 2008.

“An evil budget: laced with deceit”The Fiji Times, and Fiji Sun, 27 November 2008.

When security guards rob the bank (and the surveillance report goes to the robbers)The Fiji Times, 28 October 2008.

When our judges open Pandora’s Box” The Fiji Times, 21 October 2008.

“The grim truth behind economic growth rates”  The Fiji Times, 13 September 2008

“Not Charter, not growth rates, but the law” The Fiji Times, August 19 2008.

Costly coups: no catching up in GDP yet again. The Fiji Times, 7 December 2007

The Charter: charting us into uncharted waters[The Fiji Times, 13 November 2007]

A Proposal to Commodore Frank Bainimarama (by Dr Wadan Narsey) (7 October 2007)

“The financial liability of tunnel visions”,The Fiji Times,14 August 2007.

“The GCC suspension: not a winding up order but a “wake-up call for our chiefs” The Fiji Times,28 July 2007.

Excluding the SDL from Military Government: A recipe for further instability” The Fiji Times, 15 February 2007.

“Yet again: method, not just the cause: the need for Truth and Justice” The Fiji Times, Jan 2007.

Call for a Presidential Commission of Truth, Justice and Resolution (5 Dec 2006) (presented to Meeting of NGOs at the Fiji Women’ Crisis Centre)


Contributing to the 2006 and 2000 coups: mistakes by the political leaders

“Great concept, bad reality: proposed Unity and Amnesty Bill needs a rethink” The Fiji Times,31 May 2005

“Tourism and the 1987 and 2000 coups:  no bouncing back”The Sunday Times, 12 September 2004.

“The arithmetic and spirit of fair power sharing in the multiparty cabinet”.The Fiji Times,  15 July 2004.

“Peacekeeping and the army: the RFMF Brand”. The Fiji Times, 3 July 2002.

“The numbers game: governments flaunt them, but do the numbers add up?” The Fiji Times, 19 June 2002.

Confrontational political parties passing the buck to the judiciary [The Fiji Times, 15 Feb 2002]

Down the cul-de-sac, again, with political confrontation rather than co-operation [The Fiji Times, 14 Sep 2001]

Bite the bullet, Fiji Labour Party [The Fiji Times, 10 Sep 2001]

Constitutional traps awaiting after elections: deal with them now [The Fiji Times, 31 Aug 2001]

The GCC and the 1997 Constitution: do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. [The Fiji Times, 13 March 2001]

Why we need a referendum for our Constitution [The Fiji Times, 11 March 2001]

Avoiding an electoral mess: why the Alternative Vote system is no good [The Fiji Times, 5 March 2001]

Coups, discount rate dragons, and mahogany [The Fiji Times, 31 Dec 2000.]

Our costly coups: the impact on GDP [The Fiji Times, 24 Dec 2000]

Method as important as the cause [The Fiji Times, 17 Dec 2000.]

Our constitutional trauma: symptoms and causes. [The Fiji Times, 17 Feb 2000]

“The Korolevu Declaration: moving to the same beat”. The Fiji Times,9 July 1999.

“Clause 2 stalls Senate decision”. The Fiji Times,17 June 1999.

The Reeves Report: sound principles but weak advice on the electoral system [The Fiji Times, 1 and 2 November 1996]


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