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02 Wadan Narsey books

One off posts: 

“The unfairness of the Modified D’Hondt electoral system in Fiji” (FT 24/11/2018)

“Are there really 53,400 more voter registrations than voter age persons according to the 2017 Census?” (9 Nov. 2018).


As part of my contribution towards community education in Fiji, I am producing books which bring together my writings on Fiji’s development problems over the last thirty years- Fiji Developing, Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4.  They may be of use as learning resources for students, teachers, social leaders, Members of Parliament, journalists, researchers, donors, and any one else interested in Fiji’s development and underdevelopment.

Volume 1 is now ready and only a limited number of books will be printed.  No more books will be printed after this first print run.

The Challenges of Growing the Fiji Economy  (xxvii, 570 p.)

Cover Vol 1Contents

From Prefaces and Endorsements

Example of Student Useful Material

How to Buy

The books will be available at the USP Book Centre.     RRP will be $40.

OR  anyone may buy these books from me but in minimum orders of 10, cash sales only, at $30 per book (no credit sales).

Order through:             or