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20 July 2016

1973 USP P2 classThe current generation of USP academics and students may be interested in what the pioneering generations of academics and students went through: staff offices were mere sheds in cow paddocks, with Peace Corp volunteers searching every morning for the “magic mushrooms”, and staff and students displaying a wealth of creativity in the midst of poverty of physical resources. Today, USP facilities are comparable to developed country universities, while the radical intellectual spirit…. ? But be inspired  by Poet Laureate John Masefield’s beautiful poem (bottom), my personal inspiration for decades.  Here are a few USP staff and student events (and related) of which I still had records, from 1973 to my enforced departure in 2011.


“No justice for student Kamlesh Prakash” 1986

“USP History/Politics with no place for Dakuvula and Sanday, in 1986”

“Spurning Amartya Sen for Bob Marley in 1976” 

“YWCA 1975 Submission to Fiji Government on need for Counter-Inflation Legislation” (22 July 2016)

“Warden Wadan and early USP (1974)” (22 July 2016)

“1975 YWCA/USPSA/SCM Submission on Parliamentary Emoluments” (21 July 2016)

“1975 WYCA/USP Group submission to the Streets Electoral Commission” (21 July 2016)

“The 1973 YWCA and USP Radicalism and Research” (21 July 2016)

“A tribute to Professor Theodore MacDonald (1933-2011)” (20 July 2016).

“1973 USP students: in a class of their own”  (20 July 2016)


More to come: the regionalization battles of the 1970s,…

A Poem by John Masefield, poet laureate
[at the installation of the Chancellor of the University of Sheffield]
25 June 1946


“…There are few earthly things more splendid than a university.
In these days of broken frontiers and collapsing values,

when the dams are down and the floods are making misery,
when every ancient foothold has become something of a quagmire,
wherever a university stands, it stands and shines;
wherever it exists, the free minds of men, urged on to full and fair enquiry,
may still bring wisdom into human affairs.

There are few earthly things more beautiful than a university.
It is a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know,

where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see;
where seekers and learners alike, banded together in the search for knowledge,
will honour thought in all its finer ways,  will welcome thinkers in distress or in exile,
will uphold ever the dignity of thought and learning
and will exact standards in these things.
They give to the young in their impressionable years,
the bond of a lofty purpose shared,
of a great corporate life  whose links will not be loosed until they die.
They give young people that close companionship for which youth longs,
and that chance of the endless discussion of the themes which are endless,
without which youth would seem a waste of time.

There are few things more enduring than a university.
Religions may split into sect or heresy;

dynasties may perish or be supplanted,
but for century after century the university will continue,
and the stream of life will pass through it,
and the thinker and the seeker will be bound together
in the undying cause of bringing thought into the world.

To be a member of one of these great societies must ever be a glad distinction…”


To  my  delight, I found the same poem used creatively here, at the University of Pittsburgh (USA):


Soon to be published, print and ebooks:

(a) 4 Volumes of my community education articles from 1984 to 2016:
Volume 1       Growing the economy
Volume 2       Public Policy and a Fair Go for All
Volume 3       Social Issues
Volume 4       Politics, governance and electoral systems

(b)  A collection of my academic articles on poverty, gender inequalities in income and employment, food security, (most based on household surveys by Pacific Island countries), and regional trade agreements .

(c)  A few monographs from long articles in older journals not available on the Internet.



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