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B0 The Bainimarama Government

This site was started in 2012 to counter the Bainimarama Government’s media censorship in Fiji through draconian media decrees and unjust prosecutions of independent media, journalists and publishers.

“A Real Choice for voters: Part I: the Partnerships and their Teams”   (FT 26/11/2022)

“Father Mika: a priest, a fighter for justice, a musician and friend, passes on” (22/11/2022)

“Voters, the FFP’s Public Debt and the Poisoned Chalice for the next Minister of Finance” (FT 19/11/2022)

“Are there excessive voters in the 2022 Elections? I hope not.” (NOF 12 Nov. 2022)

“Workers, voters and the 2022 Election” (FT 12 Nov. 2022)

“Voters and USP: what government do you want?” (FT 5 Nov. 2022)

“Message to Richard Marles: Fiji elections not free and fair” (22 Oct 2022)

Shameful silences at another unfolding tragedy in Fiji” (16/10/2022)

“Fiji Voters and the 2022 Elections) (IB Sep 29 2020 and FT 30 Sep. 2020)”

“How many voters do you need?” (FT 24 Sep. 2022)

Pacific Forum’s forgotten Pacific Islanders” (Islands Business, August 2022).

“Jai Ram Reddy’s Lessons for today’s voters” (FT 3 Sep. 2022)

The Fiji Bureau of Statistics and its ***** Minister Khaiyum” (ed. in FT 30/7/22)

“FBS/WB Technical Note on 2019-20 HIES Poverty Calculations”

“FBS 2019-20 HIES Main Report”

“A USP Council Solution to the Non-payment of Fiji’s Dues” (ed. in FT 23/07/2022)

“The 2022 Fiji Elections: Genuine demcracy or Supermen?” (ed. in FT 16/7/2022)

“The false Pacific dilemma of choosing between China, and Australia (Islands Business, June 2022).

“A new era for jobs in Australia” (FT 21/5/2022)

“Australia, NZ and the PICs: a new era for PACER Plus” (Island Business, May 2022).

“Fiji First Party, Statistical Lies, FBS and World Bank” (ed. in FT 15/5/2022)

2007 Launching of Dr Narsey’s Gender Studies Book, by the FBS Government Statistician (the late Tim Bainimarama) and Mr Andrew Martin (Acting Australian Higher Commissioner), at USP.

Khaiyum, Employees’ Welfare and Honest Academics” (ed. in FT 7 May 2022)

“Minimum Wages: Systemic annual fairness, not election carrots” (ed. in FT 12 March 2022)

“The Bainimarama Government, academic freedom and lasulasu” (ed. in FT 5 March 2022)

“Fiji’s Public Debt Disaster” (ed. in FT 29 Jan 2022)

“The 2nd Great FNPF Robbery Continues” (ed. in FT 1/Jan. 2022)

“Brij Lal, even in death, exposes Fiji’s Animal Farm” (NOF 27 Dec. 2021).

“The 2022 Elections: Choosing between a Rock and a Softer Place”(ed. in FT 6 Nov. 2021)

“Shooting the expert messenger” (edited in FT 17/9/2021) (click on post in the RHS column).

“Hooray for the Fiji Bureau of Statistics” (FT 11 Sep. 2021).

“COVID-19: NSW mistakes are lessons for Fiji” (FT 24/7/2021).

“Tribute to the late Professor Robbie Robertson: (Fiji Times, 19 June 2021)

“Giving thanks but what then? Voters must strengthen voices of reason” IFT 12 June 2021)

“Tribute to the late Professor David Harrison” (Fiji Times, 10 April 2021)

“Forum failing Melanesians” (Island Business, April 2020)

“When the line is not drawn” (FT 13/2/2021).

“USP’s Fiji Bogey” (ed. in FT 31/10/2020)

“USP: the illusion of Government “Grants””(ed. in FT 24/10/2020)

“FT@50: how did Fiji share its cake?” (FT 10 Oct.2020).

FT@50: how did Fiji grow its cake”? (FT Supplement, 5 Oct. 2020)

“Fiji Times not on a level playing field” (ed. in FT 26/9/2020)

“Father Kevin Barr: An enigmatic warrior against poverty” (FT 19/9/2020)

“COVID-19: economic setback for Fiji women” (FT 12/9/20)

“Violence against women: another sermon for Archbishop Chong” (FT 5/9/2020)

“Ministers and boards: where does the buck stop” (FT 29/8/2020)

“The economics of the PM’s new office” (ed. in FT 22/8/2020)

“Budget 2020-21: the Good and the Bad” (ed. in FT 25/7/2020)

“The Fiji Prime Minister’s Salary and Perks” (ed. in FT 17/7/2020) 

“The BDO Report is not history- yet” (ed in FT 26/6/2020)

“USP in crisis: another NBF” (ed. in Fiji Times, 16/6/2020)

“The Fiji Times Parliament: the need to challenge Narube and Sanday” (FT 13/6/2020)

“Government silence is not golden” (FT 6/6/2020)

“The cancerous burden on Fijian leaders” (ed. in FT 23/5/2020)

“Qarase’s elephant in the room questions” (ed. FT 16/5/2020)

“The Great FNPF Robbery”  (FT 25/4/2020)

“Recovering the Fiji tourism industry” (FT 18/4/2020)

“Morrison’s Pacific vuvale and COVID-19″ (ed. in FT 11/4/2020)

“How pay for COVID-19: PLEASE NOT THE FNPF” (FT 4 April 2020)

“The Hammer and the Squeeze” (FT 28/3/2020)

“COVID-19: learning from Australia’s weaknesses” (FT 21/3/2020)

“Why count indigenous Fijians?” (ed. in FT 22/2/2020)

“FNPF Board passing the buck” (FT 18/2/2020)

“Preparing for the elderly nightmare” (FT 15/2/2020)

“Fiji’s elderly tsunami: the folly of ignoring ethnicity” (FT 8/2/2020)

“A matter of life and death” (FT 1/2/2020)

“Is ethnicity a factor in Fiji’s obesity problems?” (FT 25/1/2020)

“Why are Fiji women obese?” (FT 18/1/2020)

“Domestic violence, FBS data and the marriage racket” (in FT 11/01/2020)

“FNPF: the gloss and the truth” (ed in FT 28/12/2019)

“The Minister for Women, Gender Data and the truth” (ed. FT 14/12/2019)

“Will ABC’s Q&A in Fiji ask these questions?” (Letter to Editor 30 11/2019. Not published)

“Fiji’s cancerous 2013 Constitution” ( FT 9/11/2019)

“USP’s sad VC Saga and Missing Documents” (30 October 2019)

“The silver linings for Fiji rugby” (ed. in FT 19/10/2019)

“Fiji’s betrayal of West Papuan Melanesians” (ed. in FT 12/10/2019)

“FSC timebomb for Fiji taxayers” (ed. in FT 5 Oct. 2019)

“A tribute to my old teacher, Francis Hong Tiy” (FT 14/Sep//2019)

“Waking up to Australia’s real Pacific family” (The Interpreter, 3 Sep.)

“Learning from Fiji’s Australian vuvale: it is easy as ABC” (ed in FT 3/8/2019)

“Politicians, vulagi and the English rose” (ed. in FT 27/7/2019)

“Accountability and the Fiji public: why eliminate Ratu Sukuna Day?” (FT 13/7/2019)

“What are the facts on poverty?” (FT 22 June 2019)

“Water Authority of Fiji Workers and the lessons of history” (FT 11 May 2019) 

“Foreign experts and Minimum Wages in Fiji” (ed. FT 15/6/2019)

“Government expenditure, Public Debt  and Public Intellectuals” (ed. in Fiji Times, 20/4/2019)

“Another frontier for Fiji: equality for the LBGQTI community” (FT 13/4/2019)

NZ’s wonderful PM and people: a lesson for Australia” (ed. in FT 23/3/2019)

“World Rugby Trade War, Again” (ed. in FT 9/3/2019)

“Why IMF and not other advisers?” (ed. in FT 2/3/2019)

“The Archbishop versus the World Bank on Fiji Poverty” (ed. in FT 23/2/2019)

“The Suva Botanical Gardens: what money can’t buy” (Ed. in FT 9 Feb. 2019)

“Complete education” more than ORMS (FT 19/1/2019)

“Ashwin Raj pounces on Archbishop” (20 Jan. 2019)

“Private (religious) schools and their principals” (ed. in FT 19 Jan. 2019)

“Religion and Politics” (FT 29 December 2018)

“Priests on Poverty” (Fiji Times, 22 December 2018)

“The unfairness of the Modified D’Hondt electoral system in Fiji” (FT 24/11/2018)

“Are there really 53,400 more voter registrations than voter age persons according to the 2017 Census?” (9 Nov. 2018).

“Are there really 53,400 extra voter registrations?” (9 Nov. 2018)

“Who does the ballot paper serve?” (ed. in FT 25/10/2018)

Coming:  “Nailatikau and the ACS Old Girls Association”

“The elephant in the Fiji Elections Office room: the FNPF Board” (20/10/2018)

“5% Threshold Bomb Ticking Away for small parties in the 2018 Elections” (ed. in FT 14 Oct. 2018)

The Heroes of Team Fiji Times” (edited article in FT 6 October 2018)

“Remittances: the industry that has saved and still saves Fiji”  (edited article in FT 29/9/2018)

For the 2018 Elections

Australian and NZ academics’ double standards on Fiji democracy:  downplaying the military mercenaries (Aug. 2018)

To assist the Opposition parties in Fiji and Fiji voters, I have put together a collection of my previous writings on the 2014 Elections (with one article only half completed which is posted separately above). This booklet can be freely downloaded here:
Learning from the 2014 Elections (Aug. 2018)


“The Bainimarama Development Bank” (7 April 2018)

“Collecting or collating? Not the real issue” (7 April 2018)

“Bainimarama Government’s environment obstacles” (7 April 2018)

“Is the Fiji Bureau of Statistics losing its independence?” (FT 3/2/2018)

“Fiji’s intriguing 2017 Census numbers” (FT 27/1/2017)

“A university management intellectually bankrupt” (20/1/2018)

“Australian comment on Chinese aid to Pacific” (16 Jan. 2018)

“Christopher Pryde and his hidden prejudices” (7 Jan. 2018)

The 2014 Elections Issues (Jan. 2018)

“FNU and FEO dumbing Fiji down further” (16/12/2017)

“The octopuses on Fiji’s PE Boards” (ed. FT 9/12/2017)

“RBF Governor and FSC Board” (FT 2/12/2017)

“Fiji’s debilitating leadership vacuums and opportunities for the youth” (coming)

“Why is accountability always demanded of others?” (24 Nov. 2017)

“Some journalism advice for new writers in The Fiji Times” (23 Nov.2017)

Justice delayed is justice denied, again and again” (11 November 2017)

“Erosion of academic integrity at USP: the 2014 Elections” (9 November 2017)

“Hunter hunting pearls, preserving paradise” (FT 1/11/2017)

“Advancing technology, advancing ripoffs” (FT 28/10/2017)

“Bainimarama rewriting history, pretending to be a greenie” (17 October 2017)

“Rabuka rewriting history and economics” (14/10/2017)

“A rare academic entrepreneur: Dr. Ganesh Chand” (ed. in FT 12 Oct. 2017)

“Independence Day for Fiji but not West Papua” (10 October 2017)

“Civil servants, tenure and contracts: ignoring history” (edited in FT 23/9/2017)

“Minister of Health appalled at condition of hospitals” (21 Sep. 2017)

“Khaiyum cherry-picking FBS Statistics” (12/8/2017)

“Fiji going backwards- a mere footpath” (edited version in FT 8 Aug. 2017)

“A small Fijian blimp on the international academic scene” (19 June 2017)

“World Bank gaffe or Irresponsibility” (Edited in FT 27/5/2017)

“Where is the level playing field?” (earlier version in FT 20/5/2017)

Still relevant today, five years later. (video) What would Mahatma Gandhi stand for in Fiji today?  Chief Guest at Mahatma Gandhi Day celebrations at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School.  2 October 2012.


“Fiji not between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” (3 May 2017).

“Preface on Republishing: Monopoly Capital, White Racism and Super-profits in  Fiji: A Case Study of CSR (1979)

“Correcting myself: remember the Evans Board of Inquiry Report?” (28/3/2017)

“Ashwin Raj, Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission, and the human right to life in Fiji” (22 March 2017)

“Nazhat Shameem, indigenous rights and the rule of law in Fiji” (12/3/2017)

“Mark and Sue: entrepreneurs not marking time” (FT 18/2/2017)

“Aung San Suu Kyi: an icon crashes” (12 Feb. 2017)

“Are there two sets of prosecuting rules in Fiji?” (31 January 2017).

“Justice Gates throws out electoral challenge” (edited in FT 31/12/2016)

“Bainimarama ignores senior citizens’ request for lifting of ban on Professor Brij Lal and Dr Padma Narsey Lal, 24 Oct. 2016”

“Human rights are not for begging” (ed. in FT 10/12/2016)

Fiji’s Sleeping Public Debt Nightmares: Part 2″ (ed. in FT 3/12/2016)

Fiji’s Public Debt Nightmares and the Sleeping Monitors: Part I”

“Privatizing FEA: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” (FT 29/10/2016)

“Accounting stalwart Professor Mick White passes on” (9th Oct. 2016)

“Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi: on launching the Voter Education Kits in 2005” (13 Oct. 2016)

“Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi: a national treasure set aside” (6 Oct. 2016)

“More revelations and questions on the MWH fiasco” (27 Sep. 2016)

Continuing distractions to hide corruption under the carpet (“
Missing in Action: Fiji’s intellectual academics” (edited version in Fiji Times, 11 June 2016).

“More to Sugar Cane Industry Reform than meets the eye” (edited version in FT 21 May 2016)

“Gutting the Public Accounts Committee” (12 May 2016).

“The anonymous cowardly threats continue” (7 May 2016)

“Rewriting history” (edited version in FT, 7 May 2016)

“Happiest day of my academic life” (30 April 2016)

“Society does not have space for stubborn or smart alecs” (25 April 2016)

 “The open censorship of one, the hidden censorship of many” (edited version in The Fiji Times, 16 April 2016)


“A Eulogy for Dr Ropate Qalo: a free spirit” (Fiji Times, 9 April 2016) (with additional words from USP, Dr Satendra Prasad and Seona Smiles)


“When millions are stolen and no one protests” (edited version in Fiji Times, 2 April 2016)”

“When central banks steal from you” (edited version in Fiji Times, 27 March 2016)

“Giving democracy to all golfers” (edited version in Fiji Times, 20 March 2016)

“A fairer way to pay for Cyclone Winston” (edited article in Fiji Times, 12 March 2016)

“Better 25 years late than never” (The Fiji Times, 6 March 2016)

“Could it have been worse? Are we really prepared?” (The Fiji Times, 5 March 2016)

“Learning from previous cyclones and Winston” (edited version in FT, 27 Feb. 2016).

The costs of compromise: a parliamentary farce” (21 February 2016)

“When free medicine is not free- a failure of socialist planning” (corrected version of article in FT 6 February 2016)

“The silence of the institutional lambs” (edited version in Fiji Times, 23 January 2016)

“Whose data is it anyway?” (edited version in Fiji Times, 23 January 2016)

“Pass or fail?” (edited version in The Fiji Times, 19 Dec. 2015

“Then they came for me: no voice for Padma” (edited article in Fiji Times, 12 Dec. 2015).

“Below the income tax threshold, for a Palgrave Macmillan Book. 7 Dec. 2015”.

“The entrepreneurial dreamer and his policewoman wife: Yee Wah Sing” (The Fiji Times, 5 Dec. 2015)

“Give them this day their daily bread: Mere Samisoni” (The Fiji Times, 28 Nov. 2015)

“Baap ke paisa nahin hai”: a PhD from FRA (edited version in Fiji Times, 18 Nov. 2015)”

“The 2016 Budget U-turn” (edited article in Fiji TImes, 14 Nov. 2015)

“Manipulating democracy” (edited article in Fiji Times, 31 October 2015)

“The declining quality of university graduates” (edited version in Fiji Times, 24 Oct. 2014).

“Are secondary schools doing their job?” (Fiji Times, 17 Oct. 2015)

“Ministers’ salaries: the truth got murkier” (Fiji Times, 13 October 2015)

“USP Vice Chancellor massacres academic freedom, again”. (10 October 2015).

“The mathematics behind Aishwarya Rai” (edited version in Fiji Times, 3 Oct. 2015)

“Where is PSC’s accountability?” Fiji Times, 19 Sep. 2015.

“Life goes on” 14 Sep. 2015.

“Doing as Khaiyum and Bainimarama say, not as they have done”. (edited version in The Fiji Times, 30 August 2015)

“Please Sir, I want some more”: the giving game (edited version in The Fiji Times, 8 Aug. 2015).

“Dumbing Fiji Down”. Fiji Times, 1 August 2015.

“Is MIDA an oxymoron” (edited article in Fiji TImes, 31 July 2015)

“The Real Pacific Games Champions” (edited article in Fiji Times, 25 July 2015)

“What if Fiji Sun were the victim?” (edited article in The Fiji  Times, 18 July 2015).

“To level the media playing field” (edited version in The Fiji Times, 11 July 2015)

The Tebbutt Poll and Bainimarama Poll (edited version in Fiji Times, 4 July 2015 appeared as ‘A tale of two polls’)”

“Fiji’s flag fiasco: a process hijacked?’ (edited article in Fiji Times, 25 June, 2015).

“The misuse of the Magna Carta in Fiji” (edited article in The Fiji Times, 20 June 2015)

“Lies, damned lies and the environment” Letter to Editor, Fiji Times, 6 June 2015.

“Lies, damned lies and FSC company accounts” (edited version appeared as ‘Lies and more lies’ in The Fiji Times, 6 June 2015)

“Lies, damned lies and statistics” (edited version in The Fiji Times, 9 May 2015).

“Jayant Prakash: A Gentle Son of Fiji”. (edited version in The Fiji Times, 17 April 1915″.

“One ministry builds and others destroy: worsening nutrition in Fiji” (edited version in Fiji Times, 4 April 2015)

“Minister of Education and teachers signing support for new flag” (Letter to Editor,FT 24 March 2015).

“Ministerial salaries, PM’s Office and PSC” (Letter to the Editor 20 March 2015) (Not published)

“Ministerial non-response to Questions on Mangrove Reclamation” (Letter to the Editor, FT 22 March 2015)

“GCC and Chiefs Failing Fijians” (The Fiji Times, 21 March 2015).

“Fiji’s Animal Farm Continues”  Letter to the Editor, 20 March 2015. (Not published)

“New industries: government creators or free riders” (The Fiji Times, 14 March 2015)

“Really recognizing the work of women and girls” (article for International Women’s Day, appeared in The Fiji Times,  8 March 2015 as “Women’s day, every single day”)

“Statistics delayed is truth denied” (slightly corrected version of article in The Fiji Times, 7 March 2015).

“Furor over national flag: how to decide?” (significantly edited version in The Fiji Times, 14 Feb. 2015)

“The People’s Parliament: Letters to the Editor”. The Fiji Times, 7 Feb. 2015

 “Democratizing Fiji National Provident Fund” (edited version in The Fiji Times, 31 Jan. 2015)

“Should Britain be compensating the Fiji nuclear test veterans or the British Government?” (The Fiji Times, 29th and 30 January 2015)

“Funding Opposition Parties: a per MP formula or on the basis of need”.  The Fiji Times, 24 January 2015.

“Fiji TV terminations, accountability of the Boards and People’s Actions” (13 January 2015)

“Fiji National University,  the Bainimarama Government and Bad Governance” (10 January 2015)

“The work and power of professors and journalists” (21 December 2014)

“Is MIDA an oxymoron: Letter to MIDA Chairman and Letters to the Editor” (21 Dec. 2014)

Chairman (Fiji Electoral Commission) to Narsey (5 Nov. 2014)

“Allegations of vote rigging, the Fiji Electoral Commission and Opposition Inertia” (14 Dec. 2014) (not published)

“A Tale of Two Inns” (edited version in The Fiji Times, 13 Dec. 2014)

“Which Bainimarama Government” (appeared in Fiji Times, 6 Dec. 2014 as “Specific criticisms”)

“The limitation of free speech in Parliament” (4 Dec. 2014). (Not published)

“Continuing USP unaccountability on staffing” (Letter to Editor Fiji Times and Fiji Sun, MIDA Chairman, sent 30 Nov. 2014)

“The good, the bad, the ugly and the deceptive: the 2015 Budget” (edited version in Fiji Times, 29 Nov. 2014)

“An open bit of racism against Fiji Gujarati” (25 Nov. 2014).

Fiji’s un-parliamentary languages” (edited version in The Fiji Times, 22 Nov. 2014)

“Playing games with parliamentary seating arrangements”. Letter to Editor (sent 20 Nov. 2014)

A press cutting from 26 May 1987, of a protest meeting at the Sydney Town Hall:  “Politics not race behind 1987 coup“. So what is new?

“Who is playing petty politics” (Letter to Editor, sent 19 Nov. 2014)

“MIDA Chairman changes his tune”. 19 Nov. 2014.

“Making people smart by decree” (edited version in Fiji Times, 16 Nov.2014)

Reply to Jyoti Pratibha comment on Wadan Narsey”
Letter to Editor (Fiji Sun, Ashwin Raj) (sent 12 November 2014) (not published)

Bainimarama and the Pacific Islands Forum: a storm in a calm ocean (DevPolicy Blog, 11 Nov. 2014)

“Killing community initiative in education”. 8 Nov. 2014. (Edited version appeared in Fiji Times as “Fundraising in Schools”).

“The bombshell Auditor General Reports for 2007 to 2013”  (6 Nov. 2014.  An edited version appears in the Nov. edition of Island Business.)

“Is Electoral Commission reluctant to conduct independent audit of polling station results?”. LTE sent 5 Nov. 2014 .

“Bainimarama and the Forum Secretariat: a storm in a calm Pacific Ocean”. 5 Nov. 2014.

The brave staff of the Auditor General’s Office” (LTE, sent 5 November 2014).

“Independent audit of Polling Station Results”  (Letter to Editor, sent 27 October 2014)

Constitutional rights to development benefits”  LTE (sent 27 October 2014)

Tabling a report in parliament, taxpayers and people of Fiji“.  Letter to Editor, 19 Oct 2014.

“The new catastrophic risks to Fijian sovereignty” (Fiji Day, 10 October 2014)

“Far from free and fair: another victory for treason, lies, deceit, money and the culture of silence”. 25 Sep. 2014

“The Final Count in the 2014 Elections”. The Fiji Times, 23 Sep 2014.

“The voting behaviour in the Sep. 2014 Elections”. The Fiji Times, 21 Sep. 2014.

“The provisional results of the 2014 Elections”  The Fiji Times, 20 Sep. 2014.

Fiji Elections 6  “Education, examinations and free education”

Fiji Elections 5      “A most cunning electoral system”

Fiji Elections 4  “The Bainimarama record on poverty and social justice”. 9 Sep. 2014

Fiji Elections 3    “Governments and growth, maligning old governments and old politicians”. 9 Sep. 2014

Fiji Elections 2  “This is not a normal election” 9 Sep. 2014

Fiji Elections 1    “Media bias against opposition parties.  Need for other avenues for critical views.” 9 Sep. 2014.

“Rejection of NGO auditing of polling stations”  Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business) (30 August 2014)

“Khaiyum on economists not being analytical”. Letter to Editor (Fiji Times, Fiji Sun), 26 Aug 2014(NOT PUBLISHED)

“A manual for journalists to ask analytical questions, as recommended by Khaiyum“. 24 August 2014

“Part II:    Leading Indo-Fijians into a political cul-de-sac” OR “The Indo-Fijian Betrayal of Political Integrity

Choosing between the Military and the Rule of Law:   Part I     24 August 2014. OR “The betrayal of Indo-Fijian Political Integrity”  OR  “The Loss of Indo-Fijian Political Innocence”  OR  “Ripe for Truth and Reconciliation Commission”.

“The independence of media and MIDA” (Open letter to MIDA Chairman and Letters to Editor,  sent 20 Aug 2014).(NOT PUBLISHED) (NOT PUBLISHED)

“The Commonwealth Games and Fiji” (edited version in The Fiji Times, 16 August 2014.

“The continuing myths of  “1 person = 1 vote = 1 value” 11 August 2014 

“Rugby, referees and fair games” (Letter to the Editor, sent 9 August, 2014) (NOT PUBLISHED)

“Election Issues 23     The politics and myths of Secular and Christian states” (version in Fiji Times, 9 Aug 2014).

Eligibility of voters and Mickey Mouse Games”. Letter to the Editor, Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, (sent 5 August 2014). (NOT PUBLISHED)

Election Issues 22       What electoral fraud in 2006 and 2014″ (a version appeared in The Fiji Times, 2 August 2014).

“MIDA unaccountable while papers continue to censor”  Sent to Ashwin Raj (Chairman, MIDA) and also as Open Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business)  (sent 27 July 2014 (NOT PUBLISHED)

“Election Issues 21      The facts on Poverty and Social Justice” The Fiji Times, 26 July 2014.

“MIDA Chairman demands transparency from mainstream media editors” (sent 20 July 2014). (NOT PUBLISHED)

“Election Issues 20:    Again, who actually gets elected from Political Party?”  19 July 2014.

“Election Issues 19:   The truth about governments and economic growth”.  19 July 2014.

Who is auditing Fiji Roads Authority”. Letter to the Editor (sent 14 (FT, FS, FIB)(NOT PUBLISHED)

“What actual Fiji Airways 6 monthly profits?”  Letter to the Editor (Fiji Time, Fiji Sun, Ashwin Raj)

“MIDA Chairman and newspaper editorial policy on Letters to the Editor” 16 July 2014. (NOT PUBLISHED)

“Overt and covert media censorship in Fiji (Part II) USP Journalism educators under fire”. Development Policy Blog, 9 July 2014.

Overt and covert media censorship in Fiji (Part 1): the PIDF bungle (First published in Development Policy Blog (8 July 2014)

“Public pronouncements by Deputy Governor RBF” Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, Ashwin Raj) 7 July 2014 (NOT PUBLISHED)

“Election Issues 18:  SMEs: the rhetoric and the reality  OR  “Jack the giant-killer no more”. 6 July 2014

Voter education kit for voters, candidates and parties”.  for FWRM, 4 July 2014.

“Ministers’ Current and Past Salaries” Letter to the Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Islands Business) sent 4 July 2014 (NOT PUBLISHED)

Questions for MIDA and Ashwin Raj”  also sent as Open Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business) 3 July 2014. (NOT PUBLISHED)

“Khaiyum on Anthony not understanding basic law”  Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, sent 3 July 2014)

“Fiji Airways losing money on domestic route”. Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business) 30 June 2014s

Some USP investigations quick off the mark ” Letter to Editor  (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, Ashwin Raj)  (sent 30 June 2014)

Election Issues 17      Will voters pay for better health system? (edited version in The Fiji Times, 28 June 2014)

Election Issues 16       Why destroy mangroves for development?” (also in The Fiji Times, 21 June 2014)

“Accountability of Fiji Roads Authority and PS Finance to tax-payers” Letter to the Editor 16 June 2014.

“Green sustainable development strategy in Fiji and mangroves”. Letter to Editor, 16 June 2014.

Election Issues 15  “How many voters do you really need”.  The Fiji Times 14 June 2014.

Election Issues 14:    “Making sense of opinion polls”.  The Fiji Times, 6 June 2014. (pdf file including table comparing FBS survey with Razor Research and Tebbutt Poll.

“Flawed appointment processes at USP and Professor Biman Prasad” Letter to the Editor, 30 May 2014.

“Scholarship termination and basic human right to political activity”. Letter to Editor 30 May 2014.

“Consumer Council, Ministry of Health and Prime Minister’s Office” Letter to Editor, 27 May 2014.

Elections Issues 13 : Voters, costly monopolies and the Commerce Commission(also appeared in The Fiji Times, 24 May 2014)

“Election Issues 12:   Fiji voters and international relations” (17 May 2014)

Creeping totalitarianism at USP: an open letter to USP Council and Member Governments” Letter to Editor, 15 May 2014. (The Fiji TImes, Fiji Sun, Republika, Islands Business, Ashwin Raj (MIDA).

“Trade unionists, public officers and government ministers” Letter to Editor, 11 May 2014.

Elections Issues 11:  Can music mania translate into votes?  10 May 2014.

“Elections Ministers and Party Officials”. Letter to Editor, 9 May 2014.

Fiji’s Press Freedom Day: self-censorship continues” 7 May 2014

Election Issues Bulletin 10: Voters’ preferences, sports funding, and angry Health Ministers: who will pay for dinner? (3 May 2014

“Election Issues 9:  Is there internal party democracy?”. 26 April 2014.

“The Commerce Commission, Vonu beer and competition”  Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, Republika)(sent 23 April 2014

“Be the Change Complaint by Romitesh Kant” (Letter to Editor sent 23April 2014, published Fiji Times 24 April 2014)

“Ads in media 1 person = 1 vote = 1 value”. (Letter to Editor, sent 23 April, 214)

“USP Vice Chancellor and ethics” (Letter to the Editor, 13 April, 2014)

Impact of Media Censorhip on Narsey articles (note for MIDA Chairman) (28 March 2014)

The MIDA Chairman (Mr Ashwin Raj) and Media Censorship Professor Wadan Narsey (13 April 2014)

Kerosene and water, mixing slowly: the internal racisms (a personal view). Part III. 11 April 2014.

For a change from politics: “A wonderful wood fired cooking stove”. 11 April 2014.

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“Bainimarama Regime and Agricultural Scam”  Letter to the Editor (published)(date?)

MIDA, kerosene and water: what of other racisms. Part I and II. 7 April 2014.

Major Development Project Proposals to Qarase Government 25 May 2005. Professor Wadan Narsey.

Election Issues Bulletin 8:   Fostering Indigenous Fijians in Business. Keynote presentation at Indigenous Fijian Business Council AGM, The Fijian, Sigatoka. 30 March 2006.

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Election Issues, Bulletin 6: Gender, Sports, Indigenous Fijians in Business, Music, National Identity”. 19 March 2014.

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Election issues, Bulletin 3: Constitution and related decrees”.  4 March 2014.

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“Election issue, Bulletin 1:  Management of FNPF”. 21 February 2014.

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The hibernation of Fijian intellectuals“. 22 January 2014. (Post-script added 28 January, 2014).

The Electoral Commission and Rubber Stamps. Letter to the Editor, 22  January 2014.

Free and Fair Elections. Letter to the Editor, 22 January 2014.

“Good governance, Fiji Airways Board, accountability and Auditor General” (sent 1 Jan 2014)

“The conflicts of interest in the TELS Board” (Fiji Sun, 1 January 2014)

Are civil servants leaving a “paper trail”.  Letter to Editors 18 December 2013 (not published)

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Maligning the old politicians“. 1 Nov. 2013.

Mr Bole, School Principals and National Examinations” (Letters to the Editor, not published, 31 Oct. 2013)

Where are the 2007 Census Analytical Reports”. Letter to the Editor, Fiji Sun, 31 Oct. 2013.

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Enforced 55 year retirement policy by Bainimarama Government” (Partly censored Letter to the Editor, 24 Oct. 2013)

The Old Minimum Wages are Dead: long live the New Minimum Wage“.  3 October 2013.

The 2013 Bainimarama Khaiyum Constitution: the darkness and the light.  31 August 2013.

Transparency International Fiji makes “tactical shift” for the Siwatibau Lecture.  28 August 2013.

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Fiji Media ownership constricting media freedom: what should journalist do?” Republika. 24 May 2013. Planned speech for USP Journalism Students’ celebration of UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day, USP. (Chief Guest removed from program by instruction from USP Management.

Mangrove regeneration if destructive subdivision stopped. Fiji Sun. 10 May 2013.

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Computerization 20 years forward, information 30 years backwardIslands Business, 15 March 2013.

Fiji leaders’ abdication of responsibility on religious freedom (and other issues such as violence against prisoners). 6 March 2013.

Overview to the coups of 1987, 2000, 2006 and 2009:

Still valid:  the myth of Bainimarama’s quest for racial equality in Fiji: presentation at James Cook University Bainimarama’s coup and ethnicity in Fiji- separating facts from fiction 23 March Seminar at James Cook University. 25 March 2012.

Letter to the Editor on ANZ gift to Cyclone Relief Fund. 9 Feb. 2013.

Fiji media moghuls quashing media independence. 7 Feb. 2013

India and China: elephants in the Fiji room. 16 January 2013.

The Trashing of the Ghai Draft Constitution: the positives. 14 January 2013.

Fiji’s Draft 2012 Constitution: the pragmatic and the purist. 26 December 2012.

Final submission to the Yash Ghai Commission, 11 October 2012.

Final submission to the Yash Ghai Commission (in easy to read segments)

A  Contents, Executive Summary and Preamble

B  New or revised constitution and how- it is not semantics

C  Non-negotiable aspects of the Draft Constitution

D  My recommendations for the Electoral System

E  Contentious issues should be decided by the next Parliament

F  The composition of the Constituent Assembly and decision-making

G  Who is responsible for the coup culture and how eliminate it

H  The failure of accountability so far

I  The economic impact of the Bainimarama Regime

J  Concluding remarks and other relevant writings on the coups

What would Mahatma Gandhi stand for in Fiji today, 2 October 2012. Speech at Gandhi Day celebrations, MGM HIgh School.

“Making rich Fijians richer”: contextual statement for Defense Counsel for Mr Qarase.

Air of optimism, but media censorship continues. 4 July 2012.

What the Fiji Sun refused to publish: Dodgy Australians and Kiwis abroad. 

Dodgy Australians and Kiwis abroad.

Allegations of Electoral Fraud, and desirable targets for voter registration and voter turnout. Submission 3 to Yash Ghai Commission. Revised 12 June 

“Political turmoil cruels investment decisions”: but where? Islands Business, 1 June 2012.

General submission to the Yash Ghai Commission. May 31 2012

An Electoral Reform Proposal to the Ghai Commission. May 23, 2012.

“Ghai’s dilemma: to be more than a tape recorder”.

Testing Yash Ghai’s alternative to futile cynicism (27 March 2012)

Fijians and iTaukei: name changes by military decree”. Various blogs. 18 March 2012.

Bainimarama’s coup and ethnicity in Fiji- separating facts from fiction 23 March Seminar at James Cook University. 25 March 2012.

Military Regime trashes pensioners’ contracts”. Coupfourpointfive  26 Nov 2011.

Why good people support evil: applying Philip Zimbardo to Fiji”. Intelligentsiya.  15 Nov  2011.

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Ending the cycles of religious intolerance” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 3 September 2011

Namosi Copper Mine may pose severe risks for Fiji’s environment” Pacific Scoop. 24 August 2011.

Your money is not fully yours”. The Fiji Times 7 May 2011.

The bond issue: when failure is called success, while the regime digs Fiji’s hole deeper”. Pacific Scoop. 12 March 2011.

Merging Wages Councils: going backwards” Pacific Scoop 16 February 2011.

“The moral gutting of Fiji and coming economic collapse” (various blogs)

“Budget 2010: the great cover-up”.  (blogs)

The military government’s media censorship and its own People’s Charter”. (various blogs 2010)

Media censorship and a deeper darkness during Diwali”   (Pacific Scoop, 12 December 2010).

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Coup wolves circling FNPF”  Fiji Sun, 14 March 2009 and The Fiji Times 13 March 2009.

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“The moral gutting of Fiji and coming economic collapse” 13 July 2009 (blogs)

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“Does the military really want electoral reform?” (blogs)

“Electoral reform is not about racial justice” (blogs)

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The Charter Charade” The Fiji Times, 23 December 2008.

Electoral fraud in US and NZ: coups imminent” Fiji Sun, 16 December 2008.

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When security guards rob the bank (and the surveillance report goes to the robbers)The Fiji Times, 28 October 2008.

When our judges open Pandora’s Box” The Fiji Times, 21 October 2008.

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Costly coups: no catching up in GDP yet again. The Fiji Times, 7 December 2007

The Charter: charting us into uncharted waters[The Fiji Times, 13 November 2007]

A Proposal to Commodore Frank Bainimarama (by Dr Wadan Narsey) (7 October 2007)

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Excluding the SDL from Military Government: A recipe for further instability” The Fiji Times, 15 February 2007.

“Yet again: method, not just the cause: the need for Truth and Justice” The Fiji Times, Jan 2007.

Call for a Presidential Commission of Truth, Justice and Resolution (5 Dec 2006) (presented to Meeting of NGOs at the Fiji Women’ Crisis Centre)


Contributing to the 2006 and 2000 coups: mistakes by the political leaders

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Confrontational political parties passing the buck to the judiciary [The Fiji Times, 15 Feb 2002]

Down the cul-de-sac, again, with political confrontation rather than co-operation [The Fiji Times, 14 Sep 2001]

Bite the bullet, Fiji Labour Party [The Fiji Times, 10 Sep 2001]

Constitutional traps awaiting after elections: deal with them now [The Fiji Times, 31 Aug 2001]

The GCC and the 1997 Constitution: do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. [The Fiji Times, 13 March 2001]

Why we need a referendum for our Constitution [The Fiji Times, 11 March 2001]

Avoiding an electoral mess: why the Alternative Vote system is no good [The Fiji Times, 5 March 2001]

Coups, discount rate dragons, and mahogany [The Fiji Times, 31 Dec 2000.]

Our costly coups: the impact on GDP [The Fiji Times, 24 Dec 2000]

Method as important as the cause [The Fiji Times, 17 Dec 2000.]

Our constitutional trauma: symptoms and causes. [The Fiji Times, 17 Feb 2000]

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