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02 Wadan Narsey books

Current contributions

“Will ABC’s Q&A in Fiji ask these questions?” (30 11/2019)

“Fiji’s cancerous 2013 Constitution” ( FT 9/11/2019)

“USP’s sad VC Saga and Missing Documents” (30 October 2019)

“The silver linings for Fiji rugby” (ed. in FT 19/10/2019)

“Fiji’s betrayal of West Papuan Melanesians” (ed. in FT 12/10/2019)

“FSC timebomb for Fiji taxayers” (ed. in FT 5 Oct. 2019)

“A tribute to my old teacher, Francis Hong Tiy” (FT 14/Sep//2019)

“Waking up to Australia’s real Pacific family” (The Interpreter, 3 Sep.)

“Learning from Fiji’s Australian vuvale: it is easy as ABC” (ed in FT 3/8/2019)

“Politicians, vulagi and the English rose” (ed. in FT 27/7/2019)

“Accountability and the Fiji public: why eliminate Ratu Sukuna Day?” (FT 13/7/2019)

“What are the facts on poverty?” (FT 22 June 2019)

“Water Authority of Fiji Workers and the lessons of history” (FT 11 May 2019) 

“Foreign experts and Minimum Wages in Fiji” (ed. FT 15/6/2019)

“Government expenditure, Public Debt  and Public Intellectuals” (ed. in Fiji Times, 20/4/2019)

“Another frontier for Fiji: equality for the LBGQTI community” (FT 13/4/2019)

NZ’s wonderful PM and people: a lesson for Australia” (ed. in FT 23/3/2019)

“World Rugby Trade War, Again” (ed. in FT 9/3/2019)

“Why IMF and not other advisers?” (ed. in FT 2/3/2019)

“The Archbishop versus the World Bank on Fiji Poverty” (ed. in FT 23/2/2019)


New Book: The Challenges of Growing the Fiji Economy

As part of my contribution towards community education in Fiji, I am personally publishing books which bring together my writings on Fiji’s development problems over the last thirty years- Fiji Developing, Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4.  They will be useful not just to students and teachers of economics (as a reader on applied economic policy issues in Fiji) but also social leaders, Members of Parliament, journalists, researchers, donors, and any one else interested in Fiji’s development problems.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Mere Samisoni and her HBK team for making this educational book easily accessible throughout Fiji at the following Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK) outlets at the low introductory price of $40:

  1. HBK, Fenton Street, Lami.
  2. HBK, RB Patel, Harbour Point, Lami.
  3. HBK, Grantham Road, Raiwaqa.
  4. HBK, Ratu Mara Road, Samabula.
  5. HBK, Damodar City, Opposite USP, Laucala Beach Road, Laucala Beach.
  6. HBK, Port Denarau, Nadi.
  7. HBK, RB Patel, Jet Point, Nadi.
  8. HBK RB Patel, West Point, Lautoka.
  9. HBK Lici, Butt Street, Suva.
  10. HBK Namaka, Main Road, Nadi close to Fiji National University (FNU).

The Challenges of Growing the Fiji Economy  (xxvii, 596 pp.)

Cover Vol 1Contents

From Prefaces and Endorsements

Example of Student Useful Material

Review by Dr. Neelesh Gounder (Senior Lecturer in Economics, USP).


British Imperialism and the Making of British Colonial Currency Systems. Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2016.



Foreword (Professor Larry Neal)

1     The accepted history of British colonial currency systems and the key questions

2     Currency policies for Britain (1698-1893): adoption of the Gold Standard and
rejection of silver and bimetallism

3      Colonial currency policies (1600-1893): from international to localized

4      India 1893-1912: conflicts and imperial resolution

5      Straits Settlements 1893 – 1912:  the transition from India to West Africa

6      The establishment of the West African Currency Board: 1893-1912

7     Conflicts over the administration of colonial reserves in London (1927-1957),
academic criticisms and imperial responses

8      Reassessment of the currency board debate

9.     Currency and monetary policies in white settler colonies

10      Conclusion

 Appendix of Tables

 Primary Sources (based on original imperial records at the Public Records Office, Kew Gardens, London).