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One’s life- a daily challenge


One’s life- a daily challenge

 A life is but a brief moment, that will surely pass

 in the unfolding and unknown infinity of our universe

 Strive your utmost in every good thing you do

Only then will life reveal itself in all its glory

Know your strengths but also your weaknesses

Foster the good in others, be easy on their faults, for we are not all made equal

When needed, do gently criticize others, but  leave them room for self-respect

Humbly understand that the world moves to no-one’s plans

Those around you may not want to be what you want them to be

Let not the cynical ones blind you to the beauty of existence

Remember that true love and friendships light up life

While envy, hatred and strife darken the soul

Seek peace and happiness while you may

Remember that wealth may bring neither

Be grateful for the joys that do come your way

But be prepared for the inevitable sorrows

For time will end both pleasure and pain

And all creatures of the universe  must become dust amidst the stars

 (inspired by  Desiderata by Max Ehrmann- 1920s)


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