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A Proposal to Commodore Frank Bainimarama Dr Wadan Narsey (7 October 2007)


Sir, I would be grateful if you would consider the following proposal which may helpFijito minimize fall-out from the past events and to maximize future development benefits in a sustainable manner.  This proposal is based on my personal assessment of the events to date since the events of 2000, and the likely scenarios into the medium and long-term term.


May I suggest the following:


1          Negotiations be held between yourself, Mr Qarase and Mr Chaudhry (assisted by a trusted group of intermediaries) with a view to a constitutional settlement that can take the country forward in a sustainable manner with the full undivided and unqualified support of


the RFMF                     the major ethnic communities and political parties

the judiciary                  the NGOs

the donor community.   the regional and international community.

the investor community


2          Authority be returned to the President as appointed under the provisions of the 1997           Constitution, with the RFMF returning to their normal duties, but with an additional role   through the Multi-party Resolution Committee (MPRC) outlined below.


3          The President recalls the Parliament elected in the 2006 Elections, and appoints a high level “Multi-Party Resolution Committee” (MPRC) for resolving all multi-party differences between the Parties eligible to form Cabinet, including the granting of immunity for the events since 2006.  The MPRC (as envisaged in the Korolevu Declaration) comprising senior respectable citizens (including a representative of the FMF),  be given full presidential authority to resolve all differences between the political parties, in the national interest, with binding authority.


4          A new Multi-party Cabinet be negotiated between SDL and FLP, drawing on non- Parliamentarians if necessary (through Senate) with the MPRC intervening if          necessary, and appointed by the President.


5.         The new Multi-party Cabinet govern Fiji until the normal end of the parliament which          had been elected under the 2006 Elections- 2011 – or later if things work well.
6.         All initiatives which have begun since December 2006 be negotiated in good faith between the Parties for implementation under the authority of the 1997 Constitution, with the MPRC resolving any differences.


7.         The new Multi-Party Cabinet resolve the grievances of those terminated since December            2006 (but only those who may have legitimate legal cases against the State and Fiji’s tax-  payers) including option 8 below.


8.         To accelerate growth while minimizing liability on the State and Fiji tax-payers the new multi-party Cabinet implement major new investment/development projects which will also productively re-employ suitable CEOs and senior executives who have been terminated since the coup, in return for dropping all legal cases against the State.

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