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Fiji – a shameful police state 22 July 2009 (various blogs)


Day by day, this Military Government and the Military Police (that is what they have to be now called), take this country deeper and deeper into an evil “police state”.

At midnight, a whole group of police officers woke up Ro Temumu Kepa to take her to the Police Station.

Was she a dangerous criminal about to commit a crime at mid-night?  Caught in the act?  So dangerous as to require several police officers?

No.  She is just an elderly woman, insisting on her basic human right to host an annual meeting of the Methodist Church of Fiji; the basic human right for all their Church members to participate at the meeting; their basic human right to discuss whatever issues affect their lives- economic, social or political.  Who are the military to decide otherwise?

How demoralizing for professional police officers to blindly following this Military Government’s immoral orders, and treat this senior lady, Roko Tui Dreketi, like a common dangerous criminal.

They could have called on her in the morning.  She was not running away from anyone.  But no, the police had to mount a raid at midnight.  Which evil person made that decision?

Notice that the media have been stopped from reporting on these immoral arrests and detentions.

Quite clearly, this military government and police have totally lost their way.  Shame on them.

Shame on the Military Council and all the military-appointed Ministers who are going along with this evil immoral treasonous Military Government of Frank Bainimarama.

Shame on all those citizens and non-citizens who have taken appointments from this illegal Military Government and continue to do so.

Shame on all those coup supporters (all those in the NCBBF, CCF etc) who are now totally silent in the face of this onslaught on our people’s civil rights, while some make tiny bleating noises here and there, having helped to create this military monster over the last two and a half years.

Shame on all those businessmen who support Bainimarama and his immoral actions.

The blog-sites need to boldly name all of these coup supporters with pictures so that the ordinary public can identify them.

It is time that the rest of Fiji stops tolerating and associating with all these evil people who are destroying our country.  When are we going to draw the line?

It is time for the ordinary decent folk to speak up, using their names.  Do it on the blog-sites if the newspapers and TV won’t give you space.

As was said once before, if you do not speak up when others are taken away, “one day the evil ones will come for you, and there will be nobody left to speak for you”.

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