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“Monopoly Capital, White Racism and Super‑profits in Fiji: a Case Study of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company”, Journal of Pacific Studies­, Vol.5, 1979. Pp. 66‑146.


Monopoly capital, white racism and super-profits in Fiji- a case study of CSR“Monopoly Capital, White Racism and Super‑profits in Fiji: a Case Study of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company”, Journal of Pacific Studies­, Vol.5, 1979. Pp. 66‑146.



68       Before indendure
69       The search for land and property rights in pre-colonial times
73       Puppet governments in colonial times
75       The search for cheap labour
79       The indenture system
80       The Indenture agreement and the Task system
81       The immigration ordinance
82       The labourers’ protection: the Agent General of Immigration
84       The role of the Colonial Office
84       Wages
87       Effects on labourers and labour conditions: death and suicide rates
89       Prosecutions under the Labour Ordinance
91       White standards of living and expected white incomes
92       CSR in Australia
93       Excise duty and Import duty, and wage differentials with Fiji
96       Financial success for CSR 1914-1923
97       CSR’ profits in Fiji
99      Possibility of transfer pricing
100    The end of the indenture system
102    Small farmer system: a new system of exploitation
103    Saving of working capital for CSR and reduction of risk
103    Unpaid labour on farms
104    CSR as monopsonist
106    The creation of potential labour supply
107    The tenant farmers
109    System of extracting surplus from farmers
110    The unequal division of the imperial preference
111    The 1940 Agreement
112    The 1943 and the Shephard Commission of Inquiry
114    The cover-up of CSR profitability
117     The Denning Commission of Inquiry
119     The distribution of sugar proceeds in Jamaica
121     The Institutional regulation in Fiji
122    The socio-political constraints
124    Institutional constraints on CSR in Australia
126    The 1920-21 worker strikes in Fiji and official reaction
128    The 1945 Shephard Enquiry, the 1960 Eves Commission, and the Denning Commission
133    Conclusion
137- 144    End-notes
145    Graph 1     World price of sugar
146    Graph 2    Sugar output of CSR mills in Fiji.

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