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Allegations of Electoral Fraud, and desirable targets for voter registration and voter turnout. Submission 3 to Yash Ghai Commission. Revised 12 June


2012m Allegations of electoral fraud, and voter registration targets and turnouts 2012 June 12 revised

On the basis of a valid complaint from one of my friends, I have deleted one paragraph from the earlier version where I had said that I did not particularly have any objections to military officers being used for the voter registration exercise.

While I still think that there is really no opportunity for any fraud to be committed in voter registration, I had (tongue-in-cheek) also suggested that it might be a good use of tax-payers’ funds currently wasted on their salaries (rather than diverting productive civil servants to this task, and that the officers might get fitter if they had to traipse to remote parts of Fiji – they would soon get tired of doing this.

Of course, military officers  should not be used for any electoral process in the current climate.



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