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(video) What would Mahatma Gandhi stand for in Fiji today? Chief Guest lecture at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School, 2 October 2012.


Segment 1    Why are you students celebrating Gandhi’s birthday?


Segment 2    His many great admirers, outstanding leaders in their own right.


Segment 3      The many criticisms and inconsistencies of Gandhi


Segment 4       What I believe he would have stood for in Fiji today? Who would he have given his support to? Pro-democracy movements? Shamima Ali? Father Kevin Barr? Sympathy for the Methodist Church? The environmentalists?


Segment 5       Several of MGMHS alumni I have personally known- my four sisters (Padma Lal, Champa Chauhan, Mangi Tauh, Saras Narsey), and my friend of four decades (Kishor Chetty).



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