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Wadan Narsey Final Submission to Yash Ghai Commission (in segments)


The 2012 Draft Constitution has now been leaked.  Fiji people need to discuss the contents and ensure that the Constituent Assembly makes the right decisions for Fiji.  I have therefore broken down my earlier Final Submission into segments which may be read on their own.

A  Contents, Executive Summary and Preamble

B  New or revised constition and how- it is not semantics

C  Non-negotiable aspects of the Draft Constitution

D  My recommendations for the Electoral System

E  Contentious issues should be decided by the next Parliament

F  The composition of the Constituent Assembly and decision-making

G  Who is responsible for the coup culture and how eliminate it

H  The failure of accountability so far

I  The economic impact of the Bainimarama Regime

J  Concluding remarks and other relevant writings on the coups



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