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“Commerce Commission, Vodaphone, Fiji Link and monopolistic exploitation” (published Fiji Times, 15 December 2013)


Dear Sir

Can the Chairman of the Commerce Commission explain to the public why he is not addressing two long-standing blatant examples of gross monopolistic exploitation and daylight robbery of the Fiji consumers.

(a) For years now, Vodaphone has been issuing prepaid cards for making phone calls or using flashdrives for internet usage. Not only has Vodaphone thereby enjoyed zero interest financing, but Vodaphone brutally confiscates all remaining credit which is not used within a certain number of days.  Why has the Commerce Commission not acted to stop this daylight robbery which has probably netted Vodaphone tens of millions of unearned profits?

(b) Why has Fiji Airways been allowed to continue charging prices for the domestic routes far in excess of those prevailing when there was competition from another airline?

Professor Wadan Narsey

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