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“Who audits the Fiji Roads Authority” (Fiji Sun, 13 December 2013)


Dear Sir

The public ought to be asking many questions about the fact that Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is currently pouring massive amounts of money into total reconstruction of the roads and footpaths around Cost U Less and USP and a few other urban areas.

Is this a quick, easy and profitable way of using up last year’s allocation of $450 million to the RTA?

What will be the impact on economic growth and development of this flashy largely urban road building?

Why are taxpayers being asked to pay up the bad debts of the bankrupt NZ company in the North?

I have asked this next question before and received no answers from the PS of Finance. I ask again.

Who in Government has been charged with monitoring and auditing the huge billion dollar allocation of tax-payers funds to the FRA for 2013 and 2014?

Professor Wadan Narsey

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