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Election Issues Bulletin 8: Fostering Indigenous Fijians in Business. Keynote presentation at Indigenous Fijian Business Council AGM, The Fijian, Sigatoka. 30 March 2006


Election Issues Bulletin 8:  Fostering Fijians in Business (and fostering high economic growth in Fiji).
Professor Wadan Narsey (3 April, 2014).


Political parties must all face the major economic challenge facing Fiji and the tens of thousands of young people coming on to the labor market each year: to create decent, well-paying jobs that are going to be compatible with a world driven by WTO rules which discourage protectionism. This requires the initiation of new industries on a major scale that can lead to more than 5% growth per year.

This 2006 presentation was specifically made for the fostering of indigenous Fijians in business, but applies equally to all Fiji citizens, and today as well.

It tries to address the logistical problem of governments getting such industries off the ground, when the “normal civil service mentality” is just not expected or geared to do this.

2006 Fostering Fijians in Business IFBC keynote address for Indigenous Fijian Business Council. The Fijian. March 2006





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