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“Interim Ministers and Agricultural Scam” Letter to the Editor (published)(date?)


Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, Republika, Ashwin Raj)


Interim Ministers and Agricultural Scam

Dear Sir/Madam

In the Fiji Times of 19 Dec. 2006, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is reported to have said that

“those who want to be considered to be in the interim government will have to make an undertaking that they will not stand in the next election… One of the faults of the transition from 2000 to the next government was that the interim government then, formed a political party that became the SDL and they used their positions in the interim government to gain political support,” he said.   Commodore Bainimarama said this contributed to what was now widely known as the agriculture scam.

Can Commodore Bainimarama explain why he and some of his Interim Ministers are currently now standing for elections.

Second, how different is the Bainimarama Regime’s handing out of sewing machines and brush-cutters to voters, different from the SDL Agricultural Scam he criticized at the end of 2006?


Professor Wadan Narsey


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