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Impact of Media Censorhip on Narsey articles (note for MIDA Chairman) (28 March 2014)


The impact of media Censorship on Narsey media articles
Explanatory note to MIDA Chairman (28 March 2014)

Numbers of articles published by Fiji Times, Fiji Sun and Daily Post.

 1985-1989          7

1990-1999         56

2000-2009       94

2010-2011         11

2012-2014          0

 Articles published over the years, by Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Daily Post, and blogs (after censorship)

(most now available on my blog site easily accessed by year of publication: here :

“The plight of the garments workers”, Fiji Sun, 10 November 1985.

“Alternatives to the unilateral wage freeze”. The Fiji Times, 1 February 1985.

“A comment on the bus fare increase”. Sunday Sun, 30 June 1985.

“The Report of the Financial Review Committee: more aid to the wealthy”. Fiji Sun, 29 October 1985.

“Budget 1987: the hidden problems”. Fiji Sun, 11 November 1986.

“The New Pay Formula: is it workable?”. The Fiji Times, 10 December 1986.  Also as

“Wage Guideline Formula makes no economic sense”, Fiji Sun, 10 December 1986.

“Garments Workers’ Wages yet again”.  Fiji Sun, 10 October 1989.

 1990-1999   **************

“The Sugar Cane Growers’ Superannuation Scheme: some questions”. The Fiji Times, date?

“Racial split causes worry: implications of population changes”. The Fiji Times, 27 April 1994.

“Dead votes, ghost votes, and fair regional distribution”. The Fiji Times, 28 April 1994

“Racial or multiracial: where is the future?”. The Fiji Times, 29 April 1994.

“Sugar industry reform: how?” The Fiji Times, 7 April 1995.

“Sugar industry reform: what diversification and how?” The Fiji Times, 8 April 1995.

“The Constitution Review debate”. The Fiji Times, 29 July 1995.

“Ethnicity and the nation”. The Fiji Times, 31 July 1995.

“Ethnic fears: are they real?”. The Fiji Times, 1 August 1995.

“Competition over public funds will heighten ethnic tension”. The Fiji Times, 3 August, 1995.

“The NBF saga: how do we learn?” The Fiji Times, date?

“The Constitution Review Commission Report: sound principles but weak advice on electoral system”. The Fiji Times, 1 November, 1996.

“The Constitution Review Commission Report: Fijians lose in a bad government”. The Fiji Times, 2 November, 1996.

“The magician’s budget: NBF chickens coming home to roost”. The Fiji Times, 9 November 1996.

“Stop our violence against women”, The Fiji Times, 14 December 1996.

“Fijian education: the ostrich approach”, The Fiji Times, 18 January 1997.

“Fijian education: the sacred cows must die”. The Fiji Times, 20 January 1997.

“Water billing: Smart move by PWD”. The Fiji Times, 5 April 1997.

“Is ours a culture of silence?”. The Fiji Times, 29 April 1997 (from an address to the 1997 Accountants’ Congress).

“In defence of economic madness: military expenditure in Fiji”.  The Fiji Times, 6 May 1997. (from an address to the 1997 Accountants’ Congress).

“Are the banks fattening themselves?”. The Fiji Times, 21 October 1997.

“Vijay’s a fantastic attraction: A golfing bonanza goes begging”. The Fiji Times, 15 January 1998.

“The 20% devaluation”. The Sunday Times,  19 January 1998.

“In the interest of our children: banks and the little people”. The Fiji Times, 26 February 1998.

“USP Law School: a win-win solution”. The Fiji Times, 30 March 1998.

“Balancing tradition in a capitalist market economy”. A book review of MIW, Fijians in business by Dr Ropate Qalo. Daily Post, 4 April 1998.

“Free markets in labour or not?” Daily Post, 4 April 1998.

“The Bureau’s Consumer Prices Index: is it a fiddle?”. The Fiji Times, date? June/July 1998

“The alternative vote system: is it better?”. The Fiji Times, 28 July 1998.

“Tourism to boost Fijians”.  The Fiji Times, 10 September 1998.

“State, NGOs must agree on national disaster roles”.  The Fiji Times, 15 October 1998.

“Nutritional development: are we nuts when it comes to good health?”. Daily Post, 29 October 1998.

“Coke versus coconut: is it a no contest?”. Daily Post, 4 November 1998.

“The advertising war: sex and more sex”. Daily Post, 12 November 1998.

“Our market mess: can we do better?” Daily Post, 16 November 1998.

“Bank profitability: a relative rip-off”. The Fiji Times, 27 November 1998.

“A tale of city rates”. The Fiji Times, 5 February 1999.

“A perverse parliamentary perk”.  The Fiji Times, June.

“Raw deal for nuke test guinea pigs”. The Sunday Times, 13 June 1999. (also in Pacific Islands Monthly, July 1999)

“Clause 2 stalls Senate decision”. The Fiji Times, 17 June 1999.

“The Korolevu Declaration: moving to the same beat”. The Fiji Times, 9 July 1999.

“Public sector reform: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The Fiji Times, 16 July 1999.

“Expats face winds of uncertainty”. The Fiji Times, 15 August 1999.

“18 holes gone to waste”. The Fiji Times, 20 August 1999.

“Gold, not all glitter anymore”.  The Fiji Times, 25 August 1999.

“The paradoxes in our prisons”. The Fiji Times,  3 September 1999.

“Ray of hope for ALTA”.  The Fiji Times, 10 September 1999.

“Barbecue sellers:  blight or blessing”. The Fiji Times, 17 September 1999.

“Mission transcends religion: an appreciation of the life of Brother Theophane”.  The Fiji Times, 1 October 1999.

“Mental illness: it’s all in the mind”.  The Fiji Times, 8 October 1999.

“Of boards and ministers”.  The Fiji Times, 15 October, 1999.

“Rugby World Cup: not a level playing field”.  The Fiji Times, 22 October 1999.

“Our gambling hypocrisy”. The Fiji Times, 5 November 1999.

“Budget 2000: just who pays for dinner”.  The Fiji Times, 8 November 1999.

“The People’s Coalition Government and employers: the love hate relationship”.  The Fiji Times, 19 November 1999.

“Jobs and geriatrics: a niche market for Fijian tourism”.  The Fiji Times, 26 November 1999.

2000-2009  *********************

“The constitutional trauma”.  The Fiji Times, 17 February 2000.

“Are we up to it?: victorious Vijay Singh”.  The Sunday Times, 23 April 2000.

“The method, not  just the cause”.  The Daily Post, 17 September 2000.  Also appeared as

“When mistakes are repeated”  The Fiji Times, 17 Dec 2000.

“Super 12 a super rip-off” The Fiji Times, 3 Dec 2000.

“Sell the fishing, not the fish” The Fiji Times, 17 Dec 2000.

“Costly coups”. The Fiji Times, 24 Dec 2000.

“Discount rate dragons and mahogany” The Fiji Times, 31 Dec 2000.

“Maximising mahogany” The Fiji Times, 2 Jan 2001.

“Till death do us part” The Fiji Times, 21 Jan 2001

“Avoiding an electoral mess”. The Fiji Times, 5 March 2001

“Stability and good governance”, The Fiji Times, 6 March  2001.

“A referendum for our constitution: let the silent majority speak”, The Fiji Times, 11 March 2001

“The 1997 Constitution, the baby and the bathwater” The Daily Post, 13 March 2001

“Small is not beautiful”.  The Fiji Times,  15 June 2001.

“The plight of Jerry and Sukabula: who are the real culprits”, appeared as “The coup killing game”, The Fiji Times, 27 June 2001.

“Constitutional traps awaiting”,   The Fiji Times, 30 Aug 2001.

“Bigger is bountiful”,    The Fiji Times, 9 Sep 2001.

“It is not about winning” (appeared as “Winners and losers”) The Fiji Times, ???

“Bite the bullet, FLP”.   The Fiji Times,  10 Sep. 2001.

“Down the cul de sac, again”.  The Fiji Times, 14 Sept 2001-11-12

“Rebuilding a fractured nation” Fiji Sun. 6 and 7 Nov 2001.

“Silenced by the gold”, The Fiji Times, 15 January 2002.

“Passing the buck to the judiciary”, The Fiji Times, 15 February 2002.

“The ATHL monopoly: between the devil and the deep blue sea”. The Fiji Times, 6 March 2002.

“The Reserve Bank and the FNPF: funny business for the guv”. The Fiji Times, 12 March 2002.

“Fair and foul”. The Fiji Times, 19 March 2002

“The numbers game: governments flaunt them, but do the numbers add up?” The Fiji Times, 19 June 2002.

“Tides of globalisation”. The Fiji Times, 25 June 2002.

“Peacekeeping and the army”.  The Fiji Times, 3 July 2002.

“The cost of protectionism”.  The Fiji Times, 14 August 2002.

“For richer and poorer: can indigenous Fijians accumulate?”.  The Fiji Times, 29 August 2002.

“Strange silences on suicides”. The Fiji Times, 5 September 2002.

“Fijian education: the good news”. The Fiji Times, 10 September 2002.

“Fiji’s population growth is not a time bomb”.  The Fiji Times, 27 September 2002

“Killing righteously: the immoral war in Iraq”. The Fiji Times,  April  2003

“Fiji TV Close-up: the costs of monopoly”.  The Fiji Times, 22 April 2003

“Pre-schools and the poor”.  The Fiji Times,  5 May 2003

“Fiji to the world: our Vijay Singh?”, The Fiji Time, 21 May 2003.

“No bounty from our rum: opportunity foregone”.  The Fiji Times, 10 June 2003.

“Siwatibau: a role model to be missed”.  The Fiji Times,  16 October 2003.

“Crouching tigers, hidden dragons and swaggering swans: The Exporters of the Year Awards”.   The Fiji Times, 7 March 2004.

“PICTA, PACER, EPAs: where are we going?” Islands  Business, April 2004.

“Communications Monopoly monsters at work” The Fiji Times,  21 May 2004.

“The illusion of choices”   The Fiji Times,  7 July 2004.

“Being milked”.  The Fiji Times,  9 July 2004.

“The arithmetic and spirit of fair power sharing”. The Fiji Times,  15 July 2004.

“Colonialism again, rugby style”. The Sunday Times,  25 July 2004.

“Tourism, 1987 and 2000:  no bouncing back”.  The Sunday Times,  12 September 2004.

“Tourism and Indo-Fijians: the missing link”. The Sunday Times,  26 September 2004.

“Vijay Singh: the golfing movie blockbuster of all time”.  The Fiji Times,  24 September 2004.

“The kava kerfuffle: do we believe in the MSG?”  Islands Business, September 2004.

“The banking massacre of agriculture”. The Fiji Times, 10 November 2004.

“Our sexual violence against children” The Fiji Times, 2 December 2004.

“Mixing beer and rum: a recipe for a hangover”. The Fiji Times, 27 April 2005. (also in Islands Business).

“Vijay Singh marches on” and supplement on Vijay Singh.  The Fiji Times, 18 May 2005.

“Netters: missing the gravy train”  The Sunday Times, 29 May 2005.

“Great concept, bad reality: proposed Unity Bill needs a rethink” The Fiji Times, 31 May 2005

“Amelia – a light shines on”. Fiji Sun. 7 June 2005.  “Amelia Rokotuivuna: tribute to a brave woman” The Fiji Times, 7 June 2005.

“Who audits the auditors?” The Fiji Times, 17 June 2005.

“Living with the land boom: bonanza or time bomb?” The Fiji Times, 29 June 2005.

“An act of architectural terrorism” The Fiji Times, 19 July 2005.

“Let’s call a time out, Fiji” The Fiji Times, 20 July 2005.

“Auditors between the devil and the deep blue sea”.  The Sunday Times, 14 August 2005.

“Stock markets, sharks, suckers and victims”.  Islands Business, May 2006 and also The Fiji Times, ?  May 2006.

“How your votes are counted” The Fiji Times, 15 May 2006

“Let’s pull together for once”  The Fiji Times, 19 May 2006

“Exclusion of Pacific Islands Workers, again”. Islands Business, October 2006.

“The rugby hypocrisy continues”.  Islands Business, October 2006.

“Just Wages for Fiji”  date??0

“Method, not just the cause: the need for Truth and Justice”   The Fiji Times, Jan 2007.

“A recipe for further instability” The Fiji Times, 15 February 2007.

“Poverty and affirmative action: facts, not prejudices”  The Fiji Times, 11 June 2007.

“A wake-up call for our chiefs” The Fiji Times, 28 July 2007.

“The financial liability of tunnel visions”, The Fiji Times, 14 August 2007.

“In search of level playing fields”,  The Fiji Times, 9 October 2007.

“Sailing into unchartered waters”,  The Fiji Times, 13 November 2007.

“Costly coups: no catching up” The Fiji Times, 11 Dec 2007

‘Sangam’s service: beyond nursing”.  The Fiji Times, 29 April 2008

“Not Charter, not growth rates, but the law” The Fiji Times, August 19 2008.

“The grim truth behind economic growth rates”  The Fiji Times, 13 September 2008

“When we open Pandora’s Box” The Fiji Times, 21 October 2008.

“When the security guards rob the bank: and the surveillance report is sent to the robbers”.

The Fiji Times, 28 October 2008.

“The ACS Gang and My Gang: the need for PNGPs”.  Fiji Sun. 14 November 2008.

“An evil budget: laced with deceit”. The Fiji Times, and Fiji Sun, 27 November 2008.

“Transparency, accountability and us” The Fiji Times, and Fiji Sun, 11 December 2008.

“Perpetual pollution: the need for carrots and sticks” The Fiji Times, 14 December 2008.

“MIC immoral mobile texting” The Fiji Times, 16 December 2008.

“Electoral fraud in US and NZ: coups imminent” Fiji Sun, 16 December 2008.

“The Charter Charade” The Fiji Times, 23 December 2008.

“Floods and coups: selective blindness” The Fiji Times, 31 January 2009.

“With God on Our Side” Fiji Sun, 24 Feb 2009 and The Fiji Times.

“Coup wolves circling FNPF”  Fiji Sun, 14 March 2009 and The Fiji Times 13 March 2009.

“A Visionary Pacific Community”.  Pacific Connections, April/May 2009.

“Nuclear testing in the pacific: what were the British thinking?” Fiji Islands Business, August 2009.

****** 2010 to 2011 

“Pacer Plus: a smoother approach” Fiji Islands Business, August 2009.

“The Rev Niukula Lecture on Just Wages in Fiji”.  Organised by ECREA. (USP staff webpage)

“The moral gutting of Fiji and coming economic collapse” (USP staff webpage)

“A shameful police state”  (USP staff webpage)

“Electoral reform not about racial justice” (USP staff webpage)

“Does the military really want electoral reform?” (USP staff webpage)

“Budget 2010: the great cover-up”.  (USP staff webpage)

“National examinations: you don’t know what you have got till it is gone”. The Fiji Times 27 February 2010.

“The Pre-Decision Kit: a bitter sweet pill for nurses”. The Fiji Times 4 March 2010.

“Water, water, everywhere: but not in a divided nation”  The Fiji Times. 9 April 2010

“Fiji’s far-reaching population revolution” (USP staff webpage 2010)

“The military government’s media censorship and its own People’s Charter”. (USP staff webpage, 2010)

“Free Pre-Schools”  The Fiji Times 30 July 2010.

“Spell well, not spelling hell”.  The Fiji Times 6 August 2010.

“Sawmills crippled in Queensland”.  Islands Business, October 2010.

“BACER Plus rather than PACER Plus”.  Islands Business, October 2010.

“Poverty and Income Distribution in Fiji in 2008-09” Islands Business, October 2010.

“Media censorship and a deeper darkness during Diwali”   (Pacific Scoop, 12 December 2010).

“A fascinating book: 100 years of Marist Brothers in Fiji: a book review”. The Fiji Times 30 November 2010.

“The 2011 Budget Oscars: burdening future generations” (USP staff webpage December 2010).

“Helping FNPF, despite media censorship”. Pacific Scoop. 18 January 2011.

“Fijians, I-Taukei, Indians and Indo-Fijians”. Pacific Scoop 16 February 2011.

“Merging Wages Councils: going backwards” Pacific Scoop 16 February 2011.

“When failure is called success, while the regime digs Fiji’s hole deeper”. Pacific Scoop. 12 March 2011.

“The “No Service Stations”  The Fiji Times 16 April 2011.

“Political instability and poor PIC economic performance: the economic challenges”. Islands Business, April 2011.

“The Great Bank Robbery: $30 millions gone”. The Fiji Times 30 April 2011.

“Your money is not fully yours”. The Fiji Times 7 May 2011.

“FNPF sinks lower” Pacific Scoop. 26 May 2011.

“The Commerce Commission: helping or harming the poor”. The Fiji Times 16 May 2011.

“Turning off tourists”. The Fiji Times 21 May 2011.

“Consultants helping the Fiji military milk the FNPF cow”. Pacific Scoop. 2 June 2011.

“End FNPF subsidy to Fiji Governments- linking the many battles” Pacific Scoop. 20 July  2011.

“Battle to seek justice for Fiji pensioners strikes new legal defining point”. Pacific Scoop. 1 August 2011.

“Sir Paul Reeves:  moderating political morasses in Fiji”.   Pacific Scoop. 15 August 2011.

“Namosi Copper Mine may pose severe risks for Fiji’s environment” Pacific Scoop. 24 August 2011.

“Ending the cycles of religious intolerance” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 3 September 2011.

“Troublesome challenges for Forum countries” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 4 September 2011.

“Shoddy Tebbutt Opinion Poll by Lowy Institute” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 9 September 2011.

“A Japanese sojourn: lessons for Fiji” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 27 September 2011.

“FNPF bakes pie-in-the-sky” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 27 October 2011.

“Fiji’s cancerous conspiracies of silence”. Intelligentsiya.  Nov 5  2011.

“Why good people support evil: applying Philip Zimbardo to Fiji”. Intelligentsiya.  15 Nov  2011.

“Military Regime trashes pensioners’ contracts”. Coupfourpointfive  26 Nov 2011.

“FNPF Draft Decree: Regime taking total control”. Coupfourpointfive  30 Nov 2011. and Fiji Pensioners, 2 Dec 2011

“FNPF Transition Decree: last nail in FNPF coffin”. Fiji Pensioners and Coupfourpointfive  3 Dec 2011.

“Selective quotes from my 1998 Parliamentary contribution to justify current changes” FijiPensioners. 3 December 2011.

“Inaccurate news on life expectancies in Fiji”. Pacific Scoop, AUT. 19 December 2011.

***** 2012- March 2014

Why the Burness/Shameem case will not be heard“. Fiji Pensioners. 23 February 2012.

Bainimarama’s coup and ethnicity in Fiji- separating facts from fiction 23 March Seminar at James Cook University. 25 March 2012.

“Testing Yash Ghai’s alternative to futile cynicism (27 March 2012)

Kagoshima University, Kagoshima and Japan: learning curves for a Fijian (South Pacific Newsletter, KURCPI, 2012)

“Massive electoral disproportionality in Queensland, but no coups”. Pacific Media Centre. 7 April 2012.

Pacific tilting west to PNG.  Pacific Scoop 27 April 2012. and Island Business, 30 April 2012.

PACER Plus, OCTA and FICs: beggars can’t be choosers. 27 Pacific Scoop, 30 April 2012. Island Business 2 May 2012.

“Following Captain James Cook” Islands Business,  17 May 2012.

“Ghai’s dilemma:  to be more than a tape-recorder” on PIDP website?

“A proposal for reform of Fiji’s Electoral System” Islands Business, 24 May 2012.

“Who are the real Olympics champions”. Island Business, 16 August 2012. The Fiji Times, 25 August 2012.

“What would Mahatma Gandhi stand for in Fiji today”. Oct. 2 2012.  Guest speaker at Mahatma Gandhi High School on Mahatma Gandhi Day.

“Final submission to the Yash Ghai Commission”. 12 Oct. 2013.

“The Fiji Draft Constitution: the pragmatic and the purist”. 27 Dec. 2012.

“Trashing the Yash Ghai Draft Constitution: the positives”. 13 January 2013.

“Why the Fiji Regime rejected the draft constitution.” The Interpreter. 15 January 2013.

“China and India in the Fiji equation”,  The Interpreter, Lowy Institute. 16 January 2013.  Also on Pacific Scoop. 21 January 2013.

Also here:

“Fiji media moguls squashing media independence.” 7 February 2013.  also at (slightly revised by pmc).

Schultz on Australian Foreign Policy in the Pacific. Island Business, 21 February 2013.  Also The Interpreter, 26 February 2013.  Islands Business, 27 February 2013.

“Private schools, the State and Religion”. Fiji Sun, 27 February 2013.

“Computerization: 20 years forward; information: 30 years backward”. Islands Business 15 March 2013.
5 April 2013.  “How effective are the watchdogs: Commerce Commission of Fiji, Fiji Media Authority and media ownership”. Planned speech to USP Journalism Students’ celebration of UNESCO World Press Freedom Day that could not be delivered as author was removed from the program by USP management.



“Australian influence on World Bank and ADB loans to Fiji: the China factor”. Development Policy Blog. 6 June 2013. 1 September 2013. Islands Business.

Transparency International Fiji makes “tactical shift” for the Siwatibau Lecture.  28 August 2013.

The 2013 Bainimarama Khaiyum Constitution: the darkness and the light.  31 August 2013.

The Old Minimum Wages are Dead: long live the New Minimum Wage“.  3 October 2013.

Enforced 55 year retirement policy by Bainimarama Government” (Partly censored Letter to the Editor, 24 Oct. 2013)

“Huge salary increase for Permanent Secretaries”. 20 Oct. Letter to the Editor of Fiji Sun, Fiji Times (not published)

Where are the 2007 Census Analytical Reports”. Letter to the Editor, Fiji Sun, 31 Oct. 2013.

Mr Bole, School Principals and National Examinations” (Letters to the Editor, not published, 31 Oct. 2013)

Maligning the old politicians“. 1 Nov. 2013.

“The 2014 Budget: selling the farm assets”. 13 November 2013.

“Who audits the Fiji Roads Authority” Letter to Editor, Fiji Sun, 13 December 2013.

“Who gave permits for marine environmental destruction?” Letter to Editors (published 14 Dec 2013, Fiji Times.

“Commerce Commission, Vodaphone and Fiji Link Monopolistic exploitation” (published Fiji Times, 15 December 2013)

Are civil servants leaving a “paper trail”.  Letter to Editors 18 December 2013 (not published)

“The conflicts of interest in the TELS Board” (Fiji Sun, 1 January 2014)

“Good governance, Fiji Airways Board, accountability and Auditor General” (sent 1 Jan 2014)

Free and Fair Elections. Letter to the Editor, 22 January 2014.

The Electoral Commission and Rubber Stamps. Letter to the Editor, 22  January 2014.

The hibernation of Fijian intellectuals“. 22 January 2014. (Post-script added 28 January, 2014).

“An irrational education policy”. Letter to the Editor (Fiji Times, Fiji Sun) 24 January 2014.

“Permanent Secretary (Finance), Ministerial salaries, and PSC”  Letter to Editor, 28 January 2014.

“Dr Nur Bano Ali, Women  in Business Awards and Ministerial Salaries” Letter to Editor, 28 Janaury 2014.

“End of examinations not an achievement” Letter to Editor 2 Feb 2014. Published 4 Feb 2014.

“Election issue, Bulletin 1:  Management of FNPF”. 21 February 2014.

“Election issue, Bulletin 2:  Education”. 27 February 2014.\ brief comments by Professor Narsey brief comment by Professor Narsey.

Recent international media interviews

Pacific Beat,

Pacific Beat

Pacific Beat. 27 August 2012.

Pacific Beat. 31 August 2012.

Pacific Beat, ABC. 5 September 2012.  Commerce Commission and price control
ABC, Pacific Beat

Pacific Beat, ABC.  12 September 2012. Destruction of environment.

Pacific Beat, ABC. 24 September 2012.

Pacific Beat, ABC. 30 Oct 2012.

Pacific Beat, ABC. 23 Nov. 2012.

Pacific Beat,ABC. 28 Nov. 2012

SBS News. Remittances and Pacific economies

Comment on NITV. 19 Dec. 2012.

USP Censorship of USP Journalism Students Association UNESCO World Press Freedom Day.

Radio NZ International. 19 February. Lifting of sanctions by Australia and NZ.


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