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“Green sustainable development strategy in Fiji and mangroves”. Letter to Editor, 16 June 2014


Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business) (16 June 2014)

Green sustainable development and mangroves in Suva


Dear Sir

Many environmentalists would have been happy to hear the excellent speech made by the keynote speaker to the Green Growth Summit last week, Rear Admiral Bainimarama, who is quoted as saying that (The Fiji Times, 13 June 2014):

“We need to build green economies in which the driver of growth is a more intelligent and effective use of our resources, along with their sustainable management” and that “Fiji was taking the lead in the region”.

Unfortunately, the facts suggest otherwise.

As I have asked previously (with no answers forthcoming) could anyone in the Bainimarama Government responsible for the environment, explain who gave the permission for the massive destruction of mangroves in

(a) Nasese the extent of which can be seen in this Wikimapia map:


Nasese mangrove destruction

(b) between Grantham Road and Fletcher Road, the extent of which can be seen in this Wikimapia map.



Mangrove destruction Grantham Rd







I would be grateful if  Mr Donald Singh would refrain from replying on behalf of the Fiji Government  as he did previously, without declaring his interest that his employer is one of the companies benefiting from this government’s largesse.

Professor Wadan Narsey

Note:  Google Earth will also give you a good picture of any environment destruction that is happening anywhere in Fiji, such as in Lami, Veisari etc.

I have also previously put a video on Utube of the destruction of our mangroves.









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