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“Rugby, referees and fair games” (Letter to the Editor, sent 9 August, 2014)


Rugby, referees and fair games

Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Ashwin Raj) (sent 9 August 2014)


Dear Sir

As my previous letter on this topic (6 Aug) was not published by either of the two dailies, I now write on the topic of rugby, referees and fair games, knowing that every single letter on rugby from any Tomasi, Dick, Hari and Watani, is sure to be printed.

Two teams FFP (Fiji Football Players) and NFP (National Football Players) have just fielded their players on the field, in an all-important game that is taking place after eight years.

Just as the game is about to begin, the referee, who is also a player from the FFP team, cunningly announces a change of rules: any player who has been away overseas for more than 18 months in the previous 2 years, will not be allowed to play.

This referee, who claims to be neutral, then pulls out his red card, and sends three members of the more skillful members of the opposing NFP Team packing to the side lines, because they have previously been away overseas for training with better quality teams than available in Fiji.  The red card is not applied to any players who have been sent overseas by government, which the FFP has been controlling for eight years.

Is this a fair rugby game?

(PS:  In case some rugby fans are curious, the President of the Referees Association of Fiji has allowed both teams to play even though their names are quite similar, except for the first word.)


Professor Wadan Narsey

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