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“Independent audit of Polling Station Results” (Letter to Editor, sent 27 October 2014)


“Independent audit of Polling Station Results”  (Letter to Editor, sent 27 October 2014)

Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Ashwin Raj) (sent 27 October 2014)

Dear Sir,

There continue to be allegations on the blogs by political parties and some candidates that they believe that votes cast by their family members at particular polling stations were not recorded (presumably their support was shown to be zero and there was vote rigging by the Bainimarama Government. Such allegations have been fuelled by Khaiyum’s refusal to allow the NGOs to monitor the counting at polling stations.

Such allegations should be put to rest so that Fiji can move forward confidently with the “people have spoken” conclusion, whether parties or individuals like the result or not.

There is only one remaining grey area: were the actual votes at polling stations accurately reflected in the protocols of results sent to the Elections Office and eventually published in the detailed spread-sheet available on their website.

Accountant and Electoral Commission Member Jenny Seeto, knows very well from her own field, that auditors simply select a small randomly selected sample of transactions to investigate in depth if the accounts do reflect the true financial picture of the company being audited.  That is all that is required here.

I request the Chairman of the Electoral Commission to inform the public

(a) Whether the Commission has conducted an independent audit of the votes cast at a small number of randomly selected polling stations (say 20 out of the 2028) to verify the results.

(b) If they have not done so, to inform the public whether they will do so in response to this request, so that the allegations of vote rigging can be put to rest.


Professor Wadan Narsey

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