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“Reply to Jyoti Pratibha comment on Wadan Narsey” Letter to Editor (Fiji Sun, Ashwin Raj) (sent 12 November 2014) (not published)


“Reply to Jyoti Pratibha comment on Wadan Narsey”
Letter to Editor (Fiji Sun, Ashwin Raj) (sent 12 November 2014) (not published)

Dear Sir,

Your journalist, Jyoti Pratibha, in her Coconut Wireless column (Fiji Sun, 10 Nov. 2014), criticises me as follows:

“Wadan Narsey seems to have a lot of time on his hands these days. He seems to spend a lot of his time analysing everything under the sun.  He seems to think he can do better than those who actually won the elections.  Why didn’t he stand?”

May I point out that I have a lot of time on my hands because the Bainimarama Government put pressure on USP two years ago, and forced me to resign from my employment as Professor in Economics.

If Ms Pratibha visits my website NarseyOnFiji (which is also addressed to journalists) she will find that I have indeed been writing on a wide range of development issues (which she contemptuously calls “everything under the sun”).

For much of my professional life as an economist and academic, I have tried to make complex economic, political and social issues more understandable for the ordinary people of Fiji and the Pacific.

Moreover, I have been contributing in the print media from as early as 1984, when I suspect Ms Pratibha may not been born.

I have been told by hundreds of readers over the years, that many of these writings have had a positive impact on public policy, sooner or later.

I suggest to Ms Pratibha that her query, whether I think I can do better than the current elected members of parliament, is somewhat irrelevant.

Given her age, Ms Pratibha may not remember that I served in the Fiji Parliament between 1996 and 1999, that I did stand for elections in 1999 and was not elected, despite my record of contributions as Shadow Minister of Finance in Parliament (all recorded in Hansard for current MPs to read).

Currently, I choose to make my contributions to Fiji through my independent analyses of public policy issues, some of which, such as the contents of the Auditor General Reports from 2007 to 2013, may not meet with the approval of Ms Jyoti Pratibha, although they are appreciated by other readers.


Yours sincerely


Professor Wadan Narsey


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