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“Minister of Education and teachers signing support for new flag” (Letter to Editor, 22 March 2015).


Letter to Editor,

“Minister for Education and teachers signing support of new flag” (20 March 2015)

Professor Wadan Narsey


Dear Sir

It is horrifying to read that the Minister for Education (Dr Mahendra Reddy) has been circulating forms for teachers to sign if they are in support of a new flag.

While Reddy claims that this is a purely voluntary exercise, many teachers will feel pressured to sign, as Reddy and his Ministry staff will know who signed and who did not sign.

Why is Reddy doing this, when approval of a new flag ought to be obtained through secret voting via a national referendum?

Reddy will remember a similar phony exercise conducted by John Samy using soldiers and other civil servants, for allegedly approving the People’s Charter, with its affirmation of the 1997 Constitution, which was promptly dumped when the Appeal Court ruled against the Bainimarama coup.

I request the PS Public Service who boasts quite often about his reforms of the public service, to explain to the public whether he has approved this form-signing exercise by the Minister for Education.

Why are the teachers’ associations (FTA and FTU) remaining quiet about this infringement of the rights of civil servants to not be bullied into political decision-making, such as approval of a new flag?


Professor Wadan Narsey.

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