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“Ministerial non-response to Questions on Mangrove Reclamation” (Letter to the Editor, FT 22 March 2015)


Letter to the Editor (FT 22 March 2015)
“Ministerial non-response on Mangroves Reclamation”
Professor Wadan Narsey

Dear Sir

Some months ago I had requested information on what appeared to be illegal reclamation taking place on a massive scale between Grantham Road and Fletcher Road.

The reclamation was stopped some months ago, but it has started again this last week.

I request the Permanent Secretary and Minister for Environment  and Minister for Land to explain to the Fiji public whether

(a) a proper Environmental Impact Assessment has been done

(b) why the Reports have not been made available to the public.

(c) whether there has been provision made for damages to surrounding property owners

(d) why the reclamation has been approved despite the total destruction of the mangroves.

The “explanation” given by the Minister of Land in today’s parliamentary sitting (20 March 2015) gave no information whatsoever other than that the Ministry of Lands now has proper procedures in place to make decisions on state land.

Yours sincerely

Professor Wadan Narsey


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