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“Ministerial salaries, PM’s Office and PSC” (Letter to the Editor 20 March 2015) (Not published)


Letter to Editor,
“Ministerial salaries, PM’s Office and PSC” (20 March 2015)
Professor Wadan Narsey

Dear Sir

Some months ago, the Auditor General Reports revealed that from 2010 to 2013, some ministers’ salaries (including that of Bainimarama and Khaiyum) were irregularly paid through the Prime Minister’s Office and a private accounting company.

The Reports stated that the Prime Minister’s Office refused to release the details of how much was paid, to either the Auditor General’s Office or the Ministry of Finance.

I request the PS Public Service (Mr Parmesh Chand) who boasts quite often about his reforms of the public service, to explain to the public why his civil servants in the Prime Minister’s Office have refused to provide the required information to the Auditor General, while the former PS in the PM’s Office (Mr Pio Tikoduadua) has moved on to become a Minister in the elected Government, and should now be even more accountable than before.


Professor Wadan Narsey.


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