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“Lies, damned lies and the environment” Letter to Editor, Fiji Times, 6 June 2015


The lies on the environment continue from the Bainimarama Government, while no Minister responds to public questions.

Letters to the Editor (FT 6 June 2015)
“The Prime Minister and Green Growth”
4 June 2015

Dear Sir

The public were recently reassured by the Prime Minister that “every project we undertake — only goes ahead if it doesn’t damage the environment”.

As I have asked in the media before, can he therefore explain to the public who in his government gave permission for

(a) the destruction of more than fifteen acres of mangroves between Grantham Road and Fletcher Road, where the reclamation stopped before the elections last year, but has been going at break-neck speed since then?

(b) the ten acres of mangroves to be cut down between Nasese and the old Parliament.

The full extent of this destruction of the valuable mangrove environment, and in other areas of Fiji, can be seen clearly by anyone using Google Earth.

Grantham Rd & Fletcher Rd Reclamation

nasese reclamation

Yours sincerely.

Professor Wadan Narsey

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