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“Society does not have space for stubborn or smart alecs” (25 April 2016)


Today, I received the following self-explanatory email, in response to an article by Seona Smiles on my departure from Fiji (Fiji Times, 25 April 2016):


From: Ranvir SINGH []
Sent: Monday, 25 April 2016 5:07 a.m.

Mr, you are not the only educated individual on this planet, you infact are nothing but a trouble maker a man with an attitude and causing unjust headache to everyone. We abroad are a group of highly skilled and educated ex Fiji Indians or children of Fiji Indians and remind you that society does not have space for stubborn or smart alecs

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (M.D/MPH)



The above email is sadly not an isolated incident. Readers will remember the racist email I received some time ago:

The tragedy is that the people concerned are prepared to put their names to their communications, suggesting that they truly believe in what they are saying.

There have also been many other educated Indo-Fijian “friends” who have expressed their anger and hatred of my views on Fiji and the Bainimarama coups and treason.

The bigger tragedy is that these people who have expressed their anger to me, seem to think that treason, the abuse of basic human rights, the censorship of the media, the imposition of illegal decrees, are all unimportant in the face of what they like about the Bainimarama Government- which is that he keeps repeating that Indo-Fijians are all “Fijians” and he has used tax-payers funds to facilitate education for Indo-Fijian children (which I believe any Fiji Government should have done anyway, and was not done by many previous governments with ethnocentric philosophies).

However, I believe that a large part of the problem may be that these Indo-Fijians do not see what I have seen because some of the material I have seen are in websites not visited by them, and not put together in a coherent picture.

Because I respect these critics, I shall try to write one more article to give my perspective.

Professor Wadan Narsey









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