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“The cowardly anonymous threats continue” (7 May 2016)


My peaceful morning in beautiful Melbourne is disturbed by yet another cowardly anonymous email from

I M <>

Fiji departure


I  came to know that you were asked to leave Fiji and that is a good thing because you were CRITICISING the Government and you do not have the right to do so and this was putting Indians life at risk

I do not know which country you are in now and I do not care, but be aware of those countries laws Wherever you are, whether you write about Fiji which you will.

Try to be racist and discriminate people I’m going to assure you you are going to be locked up for incitement



One of the horrifying aspects of life in Fiji is the number of Indo-Fijians, led by immoral and unethical leaders, who totally believe in the propaganda (sharpened by American propaganda company Qorvis) that emanates from Bainimamarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum, about Bainimarama (and the military) being the savior of Indo-Fijians in 2000.

Their eyes will be opened sooner or later.

This particular coward cannot even use an Indian non-de-plume but uses  “M Brown” usually associated with the kailoma community in Fiji.

I am notifying the Australia police of this email threat, and two others sent previously by one Pravind Kumar of Brisbane

and Ranvir Singh (unknown address)



since it is possible that the writer of this email also resides in Australia.






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