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Gutting the Public Accounts Committee (12 May 2016)


A Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chaired by Government

The PAC is supposed to scrutinize the Government’s expenditure, and to ensure that it is as approved in the annual budgets.

It is commonsense that the Opposition Parties have the majority in this committee, and chair it so that the scrutiny can be meaningful.

News at hand is that the FFP Government, by forcing through changes in Standing Orders, has now ensured that its own FFP MP, Ashneel Sudhakar, will chair the PAC, replacing Opposition MP, Professor Biman Prasad.

This is like asking a gang of potential criminals to appoint the judge who will adjudicate on whether crimes have been committed by the gang or any of their members or accomplices.

How utterly ridiculous, but expected by me, a few months ago.

Read here:

You can be absolutely sure now that all questions asked by the Auditor General’s Office about inflated ministerial salaries paid in 2010, 2011 and 2012 through the private accounting company of Nur Bano Ali, will be ignored.

You can be sure that all the questions asked by the Auditor General’s Office about the hundred million dollars and more unaccounted for by the Prime Minister’s Office, will also be pushed under the carpet.

Crime apparently pays, and pays handsomely in the Fiji controlled by Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

While the people slumber.



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