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“1975 WYCA/USP group submission to the Streets Electoral Commission” (21 July 2016)


In 1975, the WYCA (Director Amelia Rokotuivuna and Deputy Director Joan Yee), assisted by recent USP graduates (Claire Slatter and Vanessa Griffen) and a USP maths lecturer on the YWCA Economic Advisory Committee (Wadan Narsey) made its submission to Streets Electoral Commission. Read the scans.

What this submission makes clear is the difficulty with which Fiji’s different ethnic and political groups have struggled towards electoral systems acceptable to all groups.  The 1997 Electoral System, whatever its faults, was still a work in progress that could have been and should have been changed by consensus, not by military dictatorship and decree, into a system satisfying the agenda of the military Bainimarama Government.



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