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“Minister for Health appalled at hospital conditions” (21 Sep. 2017)


Minister for Health Appalled at Hospital conditions” (21 Sep. 2017)

Returning to the real world  after a pleasant month in North America, (family wedding and academic conference) I was astonished and pleasantly surprised to read an FBC website news item (21st September 2017) that the Minister for Health and Medical Services (Ms. Rosy Akbar) was “ appalled with the deteriorating condition of some hospitals around the country (because of)  the lack of timely maintenance over the years”.

Ms Akbar was quoted by FBC   “I have walked across CWM Hospital, very old facility. I see the floor worn out, taps leaking… chipped paint here and there  … I don’t understand why it has taken us so long to come to 2017 and identify this and start fixing it?”

The only thing that Ms Rosy Akbar did not ask was

“Why has it taken the Bainimarama Government so long to find this out, given that they have been in power for more than ten years?

“What on earth were the previous Ministers of Health (like Usamate) doing?”

“Why did the Ministers of Finance (Bainimarama and Khaiyum) not allocate enough funds for maintenance when they have overspending hundreds of millions on roads that fall apart after every big rain?”

Yes indeed.

If these observations had been made by Opposition parliamentarians, FBC and Fiji Sun would have immediately snarled “they are just playing politics”.

But of course, Ms Rosy Akbar is not playing politics because she would never have spoken so honestly had she been “playing politics” as a FFP Minister.

The Fiji voters might wish to consider that “for the first time in the history of Fiji” (ummmm, perhaps  the last ten years?) there is a Fiji First Party minister who appears to be speaking the truth, however irritating it may be (and will be) to her  Party Boss and some ministerial colleagues.




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