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“Bainimarama rewriting history, pretending to be a greenie” (17 October 2017)


Bainimarama rewriting history, telling lies, pretending to be a greenie

Not too long ago, intrepid Fiji Sun journalist, Jyoti Pratibha, reported from New York (8 June 2017) that Prime Minister Bainimarama had announced to the world, “I repeat: no development on land or at sea in Fiji takes place if there is any risk to the environment”.

Just yesterday, Bainimarama was again reported to have claimed in Sydney to adoring fans (Fiji Times 16 October 2017 “”No development in Fiji under my Government has taken place at the expense of the environment, and none ever will.”

Oh dear me.

Read read this 2013 Letter to the Editor by me, actually published in the Fiji Sun itself.

Read this Letter to the Editor

Read this article (FT June 21 2014)

People in Fiji know that all over Fiji, mangroves have been destroyed by businessmen who were supported by government officials, no doubt on the orders of those higher up, usually Bainimarama or Khaiyum.

When someone makes a statement that he knows is false, it is not just inaccurate but a fat lie.

It seems that Fiji’s Prime Minister believes that if he repeats a false statement often enough, people will believe him.

Certainly it is possible for the Qorvis spin to be believed in New York and even in Sydney. But do people in Fiji believe these lies?

Or even if they do not believe them, do they even care that their Prime Minister is lying through his teeth, as long as they get their freebies?

Where are the leaders in Fiji, the environmentalists, who have the courage to call out these lies which I am sure they all talk about privately?


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