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Fiji Developing: Endorsements


ENDORSEMENTS for Fiji Developing, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4

“Wadan expresses his fondness and affection for this country by inviting us to consider options that would ease globalization while retaining some measure of ourselves…. While some of it speaks to the great and powerful, it is largely directed at people of Fiji of all communities- those law-abiding, hardworking folk of all communities who quietly struggle and make sacrifices in the hope of a better Fiji for their children. The articles are intended to promote reflection, discussion and debate.”

– (the late)  Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi (former Vice President, Fiji)


“Professor Wadan Narsey has to be admired for the way he has managed to get his strong clear messages across to the readers in Fiji, whilst being able to work within the restrictions of the media decree. He has lifted the depth of coverage of the paper in difficult times and during a period where young reporters and editors went through their training.  Fiji Times has been fortunate indeed for his enormous contribution. He will hopefully remain with us for a long time yet.  Our sincere thanks to Professor Wadan Narsey for assisting the Fiji Times during a challenging era.”

            – Hank Arts, General Manager/Publisher, The Fiji Times


“Professor Wadan Narsey has a special way of addressing issues a lot of people can relate to. He makes complicated economics understandable to the average Fijian reader. He has a flair for writing articles that have depth, and carry a power-packed punch when it matters. He writes what he sees, and means what he says”.

– Fred Wesley, Editor-in-Chief, The Fiji Times


“Professor Wadan Narsey’s writings on Fiji’s economic, social and political challenges over the last several decades have been a source of inspiration for many in Fiji… generating debate and discussion amongst politicians, policy makers and the general public, offering many insights and policy directions for Fiji. These collections from one of the Pacific’s finest economists will be read and admired by many in Fiji and beyond”.

– Professor Biman Prasad (former Dean of FBE and Professor of Economics, USP)


“Economics affects all of us, often in ways we don’t understand. An economist who can explain how, in a simple and understandable way, is a rare bird…  even rarer if he does it in an honest and uncompromising way, without regard to the sensitivities of people in power. Most importantly, Wadan joins up the “dismal science” of economics to the important human things – health, education, our fundamental freedoms – and how democracy and the rule of law are so critical to protecting them.  These books are an instant education on modern Fiji, its problems, and many of its possible solutions.”

            – Richard Naidu (Munro Leys, Lawyers & Notaries Public, Suva, Fiji).


Wadan Narsey’s writings show a consistent commitment to exposing inequalities and inequities based on ethnicity or class or gender.  His study of gender issues in incomes, employment and underemployment in Fiji should be used much more by feminists and gender equality advocates wanting to advance women’s economic empowerment.  He challenges statistical methods that undervalue women’s work. Wadan Narsey has always been a staunch supporter of women’s rights and gender equality in Fiji.”

– Dr. Vanessa Griffen (gender specialist, writer and former Senior Lecturer in Politics, USP).


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