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“Good and bad journalism: some advice for the new writers in The Fiji Times” (23 Nov.2017)


“Good and bad journalism: some advice for new writers in The Fiji Times” (23/11/2017)

It is extremely pleasing for me to see that there is now a new set of serious feature article writers emerging in The Fiji Times, and clearly encouraged by this very responsible media company to encourage balanced debates in society.  Some are academics, some from the NGOs and some simply members of the public who feel passionately about some issue.

I have been contacted by a few people seeking advice on their draft articles. That reminded me of a lecture I gave ten years ago to USP’s Journalism students and staff on my views on journalism, good and bad.

Perhaps I can call it the “2007 Narsey Lecture on Academics and journalism, good and bad”.  That lecture, which I put on Youtube some years ago, may be of interest to academics intending to write for the popular media and journalists.

Of course, that lecture was in 2007.  A lot of water has flowed under the bridge for all media stakeholders: government control of media, media owners, the different media, publishers, editors, journalists, the media regulatory organizations (today referred to by the oxymoron MIDA), and readers. That lecture could be and ought to be brought up to speed.

I note that there are still no prizes given by the media council for great articles written for the public by non-journalists.

What about a Jai Ram Reddy prize for the best article on political economy?

What about a Rev. Josateki prize for the best article on social issues facing Fiji?





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