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The 2014 Elections Issues (Jan. 2018)


The 2014 Elections Issues (Jan. 2018)

To assist voters, political parties and candidates in the 2018 Elections, I am putting together in book form what I had written in the Fiji Times and on my blog (during the censorship years) on issues for the 2014 Elections.

This eBook will be freely downloadable from this post when I have put it together. Edition 1 will be as it is, while Edition 2 will attempt to update the book to the 2018 Elections. “Far from free and fair: another victory for treason, lies, deceit, money and the culture of silence”.  Little has changed in the last four years.

It is an ongoing horror story that the political parties, candidates, voters and indeed the whole nation have all been forced to dance to the tunes played by Aiyaz Khaiyum, the master strategist for Bainimarama, through the 2013 Constitution and Electoral System they have unilaterally imposed on Fiji.  As in the 2014 Elections, the Bainimarama Government will be no doubt be suitably assisted in the 2018 Elections by the own appointed Supervisor of Elections (Abdul Saneem), the Fiji Electoral Commission (you can list all their names), the Chairman of MIDA and Human Rights Commission (Ashwin Raj), the Commissioner of Police (former military man, Qiliho) and no doubt selected members of the judiciary, when the time comes.

The odds are horribly stacked against all political parties and candidates, as many of the articles in my book carefully explain.

I shall include in the book the article I write after the 2014 Elections results were declared by the Bainimarama Government.



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