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The objectives of this website

I started this website in 2012 directly as a result of the Bainimarama Government’s media censorship. The site has been useful in making available to the public all my community education writings over the last thirty years on the perennial development issues facing our people. Most of the issues covered- such as economic growth, poverty, protectionism, rural development,  food security, just wages, funding of education and health,  violence against women and children, suicides, mental illness, politics, leadership, culture and development, constitutions and electoral systems, all continue to be critically important.
Writings for ordinary people must be simply written and without academic jargon, as advised by my old friend Vimal Madhavan (a sub-editor for The Fiji Times in the early eighties).  It is my hope that this website is a resource for students, journalists and all who are interested in development problems of Fiji and the Pacific.


Marist St Columbas,  Marish Brothers High School
BSc                  Otago University (NZ)
MSc                 University of West Indies, Jamaica
DPhil              Sussex University, UK


1972               Fiji Bureau of Statistic
1973-             The University of the South Pacific
1996-99        Member of Fiji Parliament (Shadow Minister of Finance)
1999-2004   The University of the South Pacific
2007-2012   The University of the South Pacific

Loved sports.

Soccer: Marist 1st Eleven

Rugby: Marist Midgets


Athletics: Fiji 1500 m champion

Fiji Billiards Champion


Fiji Seniors Golf Team 2006

Seniors Golf Fiji Team (2006)


Dedications to

Sin Joan Yee

I am fortunate to have a supportive and independent wife (Sin Joan Yee) who shares most of my values.  She is the former USP Head Librarian, Co-Director of the Confucius Institute and long-serving active member of the Chinese Education Board (of which she was chair for a long time). We have three supportive sons, Siddhartha, Sugata and Amitaabh.

John Masefield (Poet Laureate) “A University: Splendid, Beautiful and Enduring”

B.R.Ambedkar: to be more than a mere economist.

Rabindranath Tagore (Nobel Laureate)  “Where the mind is without fear…”

I acknowledge the assistance of Signe Dalsgaard, PhD candidate at James Cook University In 2012, who assisted me in starting on this blog.


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