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B1 Behind the coups of 2006 and 2000

While much is now understood about the 1987 coup, not so the 2006 coup, nor the 2000 coup, neither of which has ever has a commission of inquiry.  Ironically, many key players in the 1987 and 2000 coups are actively in the Bainimarama Government today.

What has never been publicly clarified is the precise role of Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama himself, in the 2000 coup.  Was he really the “savior of the Indo-Fijians”, as claimed by the propaganda which readily wins Indo-Fijian and international support. Or is there more than meets the eye.

This extract from my 2013 submission to the Yash Ghai Commission gives an overview.

G  Who are responsible for the coup culture and how eliminate it

The myth of Bainimarama’s quest for racial equality in Fiji:  Bainimarama’s coup and ethnicity in Fiji- separating facts from fiction 23 March Seminar at James Cook University. Presentation at James Cook University, 25 March 2012.

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