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B3 2014 Elections Issues

2014 Election Issues

This section may be of interest to those (including political parties, voters and students of politics) who wish to monitor the progress (or lack of it) of the Fiji First Party during its current four year term.

“Election Issues 23     The politics and myths of Secular and Christian states” (version in Fiji Times, 9 Aug 2014).

Election Issues 22       What electoral fraud in 2006 and 2014″ (a version appeared in The Fiji Times, 2 August 2014).

“Election Issues 21      The facts on Poverty and Social Justice” The Fiji Times, 26 July 2014.

“Election Issues 20:    Again, who actually gets elected from Political Party?”  19 July 2014.

“Election Issues 19:   The truth about governments and economic growth”.  19 July 2014.

“Election Issues 18:  SMEs: the rhetoric and the reality  OR  “Jack the giant-killer no more”. 6 July 2014

Election Issues 17      Will voters pay for better health system? (edited version in The Fiji Times, 28 June 2014)

Election Issues 16       Why destroy mangroves for development?” (also in The Fiji Times, 21 June 2014)

Election Issues 15  “How many voters do you really need”.  The Fiji Times 14 June 2014.

Election Issues 14:    “Making sense of opinion polls”.  The Fiji Times, 6 June 2014. (pdf file including table comparing FBS survey with Razor Research and Tebbutt Poll.

Elections Issues 13 : Voters, costly monopolies and the Commerce Commission(also appeared in The Fiji Times, 24 May 2014)

“Election Issues 12:   Fiji voters and international relations” (17 May 2014)

Elections Issues 11:  Can music mania translate into votes?  10 May 2014.

Election Issues Bulletin 10: Voters’ preferences, sports funding, and angry Health Ministers: who will pay for dinner? (3 May 2014

“Election Issues 9:  Is there internal party democracy?”. 26 April 2014.

Election Issues Bulletin 8:   Fostering Indigenous Fijians in Business. Keynote presentation at Indigenous Fijian Business Council AGM, The Fijian, Sigatoka. 30 March 2006.

“Election Issues Bulletin 7:     The 2o14 Elections under the Open List System”. 31 March 2014.

“Election Issues Bulletin 7:     The 2o14 Elections under the Open List System”. 31 March 2014.

Election Issues, Bulletin 6: Gender, Sports, Indigenous Fijians in Business, Music, National Identity”. 19 March 2014.

“Election issues, Bulletin 5: Jobs, incomes, GDP and Public Debt” 17 March 2014

Election issues, Bulletin 4:  2014 Election demographics. 13 March 2014.

Election issues, Bulletin 3: Constitution and related decrees”.  4 March 2014.

“Election issue, Bulletin 2:  Education and Retirement Age”. 27 February 2014.

“Election issue, Bulletin 1:  Management of FNPF”. 21 February 2014.






Videos on Youtube

Fiji Elections 6  “Education, examinations and free education”

Fiji Elections 5      “A most cunning electoral system”

Fiji Elections 4  “The Bainimarama record on poverty and social justice”. 9 Sep. 2014

Fiji Elections 3    “Governments and growth, maligning old governments and old politicians”. 9 Sep. 2014

Fiji Elections 2  “This is not a normal election” 9 Sep. 2014

Fiji Elections 1    “Media bias against opposition parties.  Need for other avenues for critical views.” 9 Sep. 2014.

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