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E6 Education

(in reverse chronological order)

“Killing community initiative in education”. 8 Nov. 2014. (Edited version appeared in Fiji Times as “Fundraising in Schools”).


Fiji Elections 6  “Education, examinations and free education”

“Flawed appointment processes at USP and Professor Biman Prasad” Letter to the Editor, 30 May 2014.

“Scholarship termination and basic human right to political activity”. Letter to Editor 30 May 2014.

Creeping totalitarianism at USP: an open letter to USP Council and Member Governments” Letter to Editor, 15 May 2014. (The Fiji TImes, Fiji Sun, Republika, Islands Business, Ashwin Raj (MIDA).

“Election issue, Bulletin 2:  Education and Retirement Age”. 27 February 2014.

“End of examinations not an achievement” Letter to Editor 2 Feb 2014. Published 4 Feb 2014.

“An irrational education policy”. Letter to the Editor (Fiji Times, Fiji Sun) 24 January 2014.

The hibernation of Fijian intellectuals“. 22 January 2014. (Post-script added 28 January, 2014).

“The conflicts of interest in the TELS Board” (Fiji Sun, 1 January 2014)

Mr Bole, School Principals and National Examinations” (Letters to the Editor, not published, 31 Oct. 2013)

Enforced 55 year retirement policy by Bainimarama Government” (Partly censored Letter to the Editor, 24 Oct. 2013)

Transparency International Fiji makes “tactical shift” for the Siwatibau Lecture.  28 August 2013.

USP censorship continues: UNESCO World Press Freedom Day. 10 May 2013.

Computerization 20 years forward, information 30 years backwardIslands Business, 15 March 2013.

Private schools, the State and Religion: being fair to both sides. 27 February 2013.

What would Mahatma Gandhi stand for in Fiji today, 2 October 2012. Speech at Gandhi Day celebrations, MGM HIgh School.

Fiji Education Sector Project. Independent Completion Report (2010) by Bill Pennington, Nelson Ireland and Wadan Narsey.  Also at  :

Enrolments, equity and access in Fiji’s education system.  Annex E. FESP ICR (2010)

Key issues in academic outcomes in Fiji. Annex F. FESP ICR (2010)

Key teaching staff issues in Fiji’s education system Annex G. FESP ICR (2010).

Gender issues in enrolment and academic outcomes in Fiji. Annex X FESP. ICR (2010)

National examinations: you don’t know what you have got till it is gone”. The Fiji Times 27 February 2010.

“The moral gutting of Fiji and coming economic collapse” (various blogs)

“A fascinating book: 100 years of Marist Brothers in Fiji: a book review”The Fiji Times 30 November 2010.

Spell well, not spelling hell”.  The Fiji Times 6 August 2010.

Free Pre-Schools for the poor”  The Fiji Times 30 July 2010.

“MIC immoral mobile texting” The Fiji Times, 16 December 2008.

“The ACS,QVS and Marish Gangs and My Gang: the need for PNGPs”.  Fiji Sun. 14 November 2008.

Sangam’s service: beyond nursing [The Fiji Times, 29 April 2008]

Electing your parliamentarian: a hands on training kit.  Fiji Elections Office.  2005   Training manual in English English cover

Electing your parliamentarian: a hands on training kit.  Fiji Elections Office.  2005   Training manual in Fijian (translated into Fijian by Ilisapeci Natau and Suliana Siwatibau) Fijian cover

Electing your parliamentarian: a hands on training kit.  Fiji Elections Office.  2005   Training manual in Hindi.
(translated into Hindi by Sandhya Narayan) Hindi cover

Academic outcomes and resources for Basic Education.Institute of Education, The University of the South Pacific,Suva,Fiji. 2004.  Hard copy of book available from  USP Book Centre

To Level the Playing Fields: developing our small people. Vanuavou Publications,Suva,Fiji. 2004. (a collection of articles on economic, political and social issues in Fiji). Cover Book available from  USP Book Centre

Siwatibau- a role model to be missed  [The Fiji Times, 16 October 2003]

Pre-schools help the poor more”.  The Fiji Times,  5 May 2003

Fijian education: the many good news”. The Fiji Times, 10 September 2002.

“Fair and foul: the racist skin-whitening ads”. The Fiji Times, 19 March 2002

“The ATHL monopoly and FNPF: between the devil and the deep blue sea“. The Fiji Times, 6 March 2002.

A USP Comparative Salary Index”.  Report  for the University of the South Pacific.  2000.

Brother Theophane: mission transcending religion for men and women of the cloth: [The Fiji Times, 1 Oct 1999]

USP Law School: a win-win solution“. The Fiji Times,30 March 1998.

In the interest of our children: banks and the little people”. The Fiji Times,26 February 1998.

FIJIAN EDUCATION: lost between the crocodiles, the ostriches and sacred cows [The Fiji Times, 18 January 1997 and 20 January 1997]

Issues in the Financing of the University of the South Pacific. Report for USP and the I.D.P. Australia. 1996.

The Internal Funding Model for Schools. IFM2: The Revised Model. Planning and Development Office, The University of the South Pacific. 1996.

**** 1995

Departmental differences in academic grades at USP. Director of Planning and Development (USP). June 1995.

Fijian academic performance at USP. Director of Planning and Development (USP). January 1995.

National differences in academic performance at USP. Director of Planning and Development (USP). 1995.

“Reduced future ethnic competition for  public resources”. The Fiji Times, 3 August, 1995.

The Financing of Education in Vanuatu, Report for the World Bank and Government ofVanuatu. 1993.

Tracer Study of Tertiary Graduates in Vanuatu. 1993. Study for World Bank and Government of Vanuatu.

Pacific Regional Post Secondary Education Study: Vol. 1. Overview of Fiji, Kiribati, Tonga, Western Samoa, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. (With A.Aime, D.Hamilton, Jin He and Ian P. Morris). World Bank Report No. 11351, Country DepartmentIII,East Asia and the Pacific Region. (available in USP Library)

Pacific Regional Post Secondary Study.  Volume 2.  Tracer Study (Fiji, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, and Western Samoa). World Bank, Country DepartmentIII, EAPR. (with Ian P. Morris). (available in USP Library)

Post Secondary Education and the Labor Market: Issues and Options. Country Studies: part of Pacific Regional Post Secondary Study. World Bank, Country Department III, EAPR. (with Ian P. Morris).  Separate volumes for Fiji, Kiribati, Solomon Islands,Tonga, Vanuatu, and Western Samoa (available in USP Library)

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