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Super 12 and Golf (Vijay Singh)

Who are the real Olympic Champion countries?  Islands Business, 16 August 2012.

Troublesome challenges for Forum countries” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 4 September 2011.

With God on Our Side” Fiji Sun, 24 Feb 2009 and The Fiji Times.

A laundryman’s son who defied convention Sunday Times, April 22, 2007

“The rugby hypocrisy continues”.  Islands Business, October 2006.

Exclusion of Pacific Islands Workers, again”. Islands Business, October 2006.

The rugby hypocrisy continues [The Fiji Times, 17 March 2006]

Gender discrimination in sports sponsorship: women netballers missing the gravy train”  The Sunday Times,29 May 2005.

“Vijay Singh marches on” and supplement on Vijay Singh.  The Fiji Times,18 May 2005.

Colonialism again, rugby style [The Fiji Times, 25 July 2004]

Golfer Vijay Singh receives Fiji Honour- Companion of the Order of Fiji: rise, Sir Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh: Fiji to the world (at no cost) [The Fiji Times, 21 May 2003]

Sell the fishing, not the fish” The Fiji Times,17 Dec 2000.

Super 12 a super rip-off” The Fiji Times,3 Dec 2000.

Are we up to it? Victorious Vijay Singh [The Fiji Times, 23 April 2000]

Our racist gambling hypocrisy with the Chinese“. The Fiji Times,5 November 1999.

The rugby world Cup: not a level playing field [The Fiji Times, 22 October 1999]

18 holes of golf at the Fiji Golf Club, gone to waste“. The Fiji Times,20 August 1999.

“Vijay’s a fantastic attraction: A golfing bonanza goes begging“. The Fiji Times,15 January 1998.

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