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India and China: elephants in the Fiji room. 16 January 2013.

The Trashing of the Ghai Draft Constitution: the positives. 14 January 2013.

Fiji’s Draft 2012 Constitution: the pragmatic and the purist. 26 December 2012.

Final submission to the Yash Ghai Commission, 11 October 2012.

What would Mahatma Gandhi stand for in Fiji today, 2 October 2012. Speech at Gandhi Day celebrations, MGM HIgh School.

“Making rich Fijians richer”: contextual statement for Defense Counsel for Mr Qarase.

Air of optimism, but media censorship continues. 4 July 2012.

What the Fiji Sun refused to publish: Dodgy Australians and Kiwis abroad. 

Dodgy Australians and Kiwis abroad.

Allegations of Electoral Fraud, and desirable targets for voter registration and voter turnout. Submission 3 to Yash Ghai Commission. Revised 12 June 

“Political turmoil cruels investment decisions”: but where? Islands Business, 1 June 2012.

General submission to the Yash Ghai Commission. May 31 2012

Electoral Reform submission to the Yash Ghai Commission. May 31 2012.

An Electoral Reform Proposal to the Ghai Commission. May 23, 2012.

“Ghai’s dilemma: to be more than a tape recorder”.

Huge electoral disproportionality in Queensland elections: but no coup (27 March 2012)

Testing Yash Ghai’s alternative to futile cynicism (27 March 2012)

Bainimarama’s coup and ethnicity in Fiji- separating facts from fiction 23 March James Cook University. 25 March 2012.

Why good people support evil: applying Philip Zimbardo to Fiji”. Intelligentsiya.  15 Nov  2011.

“Fiji’s cancerous conspiracies of silence”. Intelligentsiya.  Nov 5  2011.

Shoddy Tebbutt Opinion Poll by Lowy Institute” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 9 September 2011.

Troublesome challenges for Forum countries” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 4 September 2011.

Ending the cycles of religious intolerance” Pacific Scoop, AUT. 3 September 2011

“Sir Paul Reeves:  moderating political morasses in Fiji”.   Pacific Scoop. 15 August 2011.

Political instability and poor Pacific economic performance: the dialogue gaps and challenges”. Islands Business, April 2011.

“Fijians, I-Taukei, Indians and Indo-Fijians”Pacific Scoop 16 February 2011.

“The moral gutting of Fiji and coming economic collapse” (various blogs)

The military government’s media censorship and its own People’s Charter”. (various blogs 2010)

Media censorship and a deeper darkness during Diwali”   (Pacific Scoop, 12 December 2010).

(Editor of):  A Voice of Reason: the writings of Savenaca Siwatibau. The School of Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of the South Pacific. 2009 Front and back cover……………………………………….  Contents………………….

“Nuclear testing in the pacific: what were the British thinking?” Fiji Islands Business, August 2009.

“A shameful police state”  22 July 2009 (blogs)

“Does the military really want electoral reform?” (blogs)

“Electoral reform is not about racial justice” (blogs)

“A Visionary Pacific Community”.  Pacific Connections, April/May 2009.

***************** 2008

The Charter Charade” The Fiji Times, 23 December 2008.

Electoral fraud in US and NZ: coups imminent” Fiji Sun, 16 December 2008.

“Transparency, accountability and us” The Fiji Times, and Fiji Sun, 11 December 2008.

“The ACS,QVS and Marish Gangs and My Gang: the need for PNGPs”.  Fiji Sun. 14 November 2008.

When our judges open Pandora’s Box” The Fiji Times, 21 October 2008.

“Not Charter, not growth rates, but the law” The Fiji Times, August 19 2008.

****** 2007

The Charter: charting us into uncharted waters[The Fiji Times, 13 November 2007]

A Proposal to Commodore Frank Bainimarama (by Dr Wadan Narsey) (7 October 2007)

“The GCC suspension: not a winding up order but a “wake-up call for our chiefs” The Fiji Times,28 July 2007.

 Poverty and affirmative action: facts, not prejudices [The Fiji Times, 11 June 2007]

Excluding the SDL from Military Government: A recipe for further instability” The Fiji Times, 15 February 2007.

“Yet again: method, not just the cause: the need for Truth and Justice” The Fiji Times, Jan 2007.

**** 2006

Exclusion of Pacific Islands Workers, again”. Islands Business, October 2006.

“The Alternative Vote system: counting your preferences” The Fiji Times,15 May 2006

“Let’s pull together for once: the people have spoken”
The Fiji Times,19 May 2006

Call for a Presidential Commission of Truth, Justice and Resolution (5 Dec 2006) (presented to Meeting of NGOs at the Fiji Women’ Crisis Centre)

Electing your parliamentarian: a hands on training kit.  Fiji Elections Office.  2005   Training manual in English English cover

Electing your parliamentarian: a hands on training kit.  Fiji Elections Office.  2005   Training manual in Fijian (translated into Fijian by Ilisapeci Natau and Suliana Siwatibau) Fijian cover

Electing your parliamentarian: a hands on training kit.  Fiji Elections Office.  2005   Training manual in Hindi.
(translated into Hindi by Sandhya Narayan) Hindi cover

“Let’s call a time out on the Amnesty Bill, Fiji” The Fiji Times,20 July 2005.

“Who audits the auditors?” The Fiji Times,17 June 2005.

“Great concept, bad reality: proposed Unity and Amnesty Bill needs a rethink” The Fiji Times,31 May 2005

To Level the Playing Fields: developing our small people. Vanuavou Publications,Suva,Fiji. 2004. (a collection of articles on economic, political and social issues in Fiji). Cover Book available from  USP Book Centre

“Tourism and the 1987 and 2000 coups:  no bouncing back”The Sunday Times, 12 September 2004.

“The arithmetic and spirit of fair power sharing in the multiparty cabinet”.The Fiji Times,  15 July 2004.

PICTA, PACER, EPAs: where are we going?” Islands  Business, April 2004.

Commendation for golfer Vijay Singh to receive Fiji Honour- Companion of the Order of Fiji.

**** 2003

Siwatibau- a role model to be missed  [The Fiji Times, 16 October 2003]

Killing righteously: the immoral war in Iraq”. The Fiji Times,  April  2003

*** 2002

Fiji’s population growth is not a time bomb”.  The Fiji Times, 27 September 2002

Fijian education: the many good news”. The Fiji Times, 10 September 2002.

Strange Indo-Fijian silences on suicides“. The Fiji Times, 5 September 2002.

For richer and poorer: can indigenous Fijians accumulate?“.  The Fiji Times, 29 August 2002.

The costs and hidden handouts  of protectionism“.  The Fiji Times, 14 August 2002.

“The numbers game: governments flaunt them, but do the numbers add up?” The Fiji Times, 19 June 2002.

Confrontational political parties passing the buck to the judiciary [The Fiji Times, 15 Feb 2002]

FNPF and the Reserve Bank: funny business for the Guv [The Fiji Times, 12 March 2002]

Atu Emberson’s film on goldmine workers strike:  silenced by the gold“, The Fiji Times, 15 January 2002.

**** 2001

Down the cul-de-sac, again, with political confrontation rather than co-operation [The Fiji Times, 14 Sep 2001]

Bite the bullet, Fiji Labour Party [The Fiji Times, 10 Sep 2001]

In the Alternative Vote system, Bigger is Bountiful [The Fiji Times, 9 Sep 2001]

Constitutional traps awaiting after elections: deal with them now
[The Fiji Times, 31 Aug 2001]

In the AV system, small is not beautiful [The Fiji Times, 15 June 2001]

The GCC and the 1997 Constitution: do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. [The Fiji Times, 13 March 2001]

Why we need a referendum for our Constitution
[The Fiji Times, 11 March 2001]

Avoiding an electoral mess: why the Alternative Vote system is no good
[The Fiji Times, 5 March 2001]

**** 2000

“Integrating Gender into national budgets: the case of Fiji”. Presentation and Report for UNIFEM and Seminar for Pacific Regional Women Members of Parliament, Nadi. March 2000.

Our costly coups: the impact on GDP [The Fiji Times, 24 Dec 2000]

Method as important as the cause [The Fiji Times, 17 Dec 2000.]

Super 12 a super rip-off” The Fiji Times,3 Dec 2000.

Our constitutional trauma: symptoms and causes. [The Fiji Times, 17 Feb 2000]

****** 1999

Expiring ALTA Leases: A Way Forward.  (with Jai Ram Reddy). 1999. Submission to Parliamentary Select Committee on ALTA.

The People’s Coalition Government and employers: the love hate relationship”.  The Fiji Times,19 November 1999.

FLP Budget 2000: just who pays for dinner”.  The Fiji Times,8 November 1999.

The rugby world Cup: not a level playing field [The Fiji Times, 22 October 1999]

“Ministerial interference with boards: need to set ground rules”.  The Fiji Times,15 October, 1999.

Don’t discriminate against expatriates“. The Fiji Times,15 August 1999.

“Ray of hope for lease renewals under ALTA”.  The Fiji Times,10 September 1999.

The paradoxes in our prisons”The Fiji Times, 3 September 1999.

“Public sector reform: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The Fiji Times,16 July 1999.

“The Korolevu Declaration: moving to the same beat”. The Fiji Times,9 July 1999.

“Clause 2 stalls Senate decision”. The Fiji Times,17 June 1999.

“State, NGOs must agree on national disaster roles”.  The Fiji Times,15 October 1998.

“The alternative vote system: is it better?”. The Fiji Times,28 July 1998.

The constitution, democracy and economic justice[Paper to CCF Dialogue, 1997]

Is ours a culture of silence? [The Fiji Times, 29 April 1997]

FIJIAN EDUCATION: lost between the crocodiles, the ostriches and sacred cows [The Fiji Times, 18 January 1997 and 20 January 1997]

The Reeves Report: sound principles but weak advice on the electoral system [The Fiji Times, 1 and 2 November 1996]

The NBF saga: how do we learn? The Fiji Times, 1996

“The Constitution Review debate”.The Fiji Times, 29 July 1995.

“The nation’s interests, not ethnic groups”. The Fiji Times, 31 July 1995.

“Fears of ethnic domination not justified”. The Fiji Times, 1 August 1995.

“Reduced future ethnic competition for  public resources”. The Fiji Times, 3 August, 1995.

FIJI’S ELECTORAL SYSTEM AND ELECTION RESULTS: Implications of Long-Term Population Change

“Racial split causes worry: implications of population changes”. The Fiji Times, 27 April 1994.

“Dead votes, ghost votes, and fair regional distribution”. The Fiji Times, 28 April 1994

“Racial or multiracial: where is the future?”. The Fiji Times, 29 April 1994.]


“The New Pay Formula: is it workable?”. The Fiji Times,10 December 1986.  Also as “Wage Guideline Formula makes no economic sense”, Fiji Sun, 10 December 1986.

“Budget 1987: the hidden problems”. Fiji Sun, 11 November 1986.

*****    1985

The Expiring ALTA leases in Koronubu, Ba.  Unispac.  1974.

Fiji a Developing Australian Colony­. (co-author with Rokotuivuna and others International Development Action, North Fitzroy,Victoria,Australia. 1973.

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