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Z3 Videos on Youtube

[Author’s note (7/7/2021).  Some budding writers for Fiji Times have recently been asking me for advice on how to write articles for the media.

I referred them to the videos at the bottom of this page (A Pacific economist as a journalist), which are clips of a 2007 lecture I gave to USP Journalism students, much of it still relevant today in 2021].

Videos on Youtube

“A wonderful wood fired cooking stove”. 11 April 2014.

With the Bilolevu Boys:



(video) What would Mahatma Gandhi stand for in Fiji today?  Chief Guest at Mahatma Gandhi Day celebrations at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial High School.  2 October 2012.


(video) Saving Deuba Beach.  Seona Smiles and Kishor Chetty. 2 September 2012.


National Workshops for Stakeholders in Poverty. Organsed by Ministry of Planning and Fiji Bureau of Statistics. 20 (Holiday Inn, Suva), 22 August (FNU Labasa Campus) and 24 August (FNU, Nadi Campus] based on Bureau publication Poverty in Fiji: Changes 2002-03 to 2008-09 and policy implications .

Opening of workshops in Suva by Glen Miles (Acting Aust High Commissioner), Labasa by Margaret Vuiyasawa Longavatu (AusAID) and in Nadi by Sarah Goulding (AusAID);

Presentation 1    The basic poverty results for Fiji.

Presentation 2    Fiji’s Food security issues

Presentation 3    Fiji’s Substance abuse: alcohol, tobacco and yaqona

Presentation 4    Some other general development indicators for Fiji


A proposal for electoral reform.  Workshop organized by USP School of Governance and CCF.  Holiday Inn.


(video) The 2009 Rev Niukula Lecture by Professor Wadan Narsey. For ECREA.
Topic:  The futility of fighting for Just Wages in post-coup Fiji.


(video) A Pacific economist as journalist. Lecture to USP Journalism students and staff, 2007.

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