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A0 …… My USP Chronicles

With USP celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, I have been disappointed that while there is much being written about its achievements  (such as through the USP Website and in the latest edition of the student newspaper, Wansolwara), there is almost no mention about the horrific censorship imposed in the last eight years by USP management on academics, students and the USP stakeholders in general. That censorship is continuing today (read the next post).  USP under VC Chandra has not been the the ideal university as envisaged by English Poet Laureate John Masefield in 1945 (read his poem at the bottom of this page) and new VC Ahluwalia has a challenge on his hands.

“USP’s sad VC Saga and Missing Documents” (30 October 2019)

Annex A:   Narsey advice to VC Chandra (2008-2010)

Annex B:   Video of VC Chandra launching The Quantitative Analysis of Poverty. for FBS in 2008

Annex C:  2010 Staff Review Form for Narsey

Annex D:   FBE Dean’s recollection of SRC Meeting for Narsey

Annex E:    Narsey Appeal to USP Council

Annex F :   Narsey academic activities (2008 to 2010)

Annex G:   Narsey regional clients and country focus

Annex H:   References for Narsey

Annex I:    USP Council Appeals Committee Report (Chair Jannif)

Annex J:   Appeal Committee letter to Narsey

Annex K:  Narsey Complaint Chair of Council Mata’afa

Annex L:  2010 Jannif letter to VC Chandra

Annex M:  Gillian Green letter to NZ Prime Minister Key

Annex N:   2014 Narsey letter to USP Chair of Council Jannif after election of
Bainimarama Government


Continuing academic censorship at USP: “Fijian writers” (13 July 2018)


“My USP Golden Years 2006 to 2012: constructive engagement with Government”
 Chandra trumped by Tarr for VC job in 2004 but back again in 2008″
“Helping the Fiji Elections Office with Voter Education in 2005”
“The Woes of the USP ELMS Project: 2003-2004”
“A David and Goliath Story from USP in the 1990s”
“USP not a peace-building institution in 2000?”
“DPD again in 2000, under Siwatibau, but lasted only a week”
“DPD 4     The  BioConservation Network Project at USP: out of my legal depth”
“DPD  3      Contributing to physical facilities at USP: Marine Studies and AusAID Lecture Theater”
“DPD 2:  The declining quality of students, staff and departmental assessments at USP” (1995)
“Issues in the financing of USP” (Australian IDP, 1993)
“DPD 1   DPD (USP) saving science from Chandra’s EFTS financing model”
“USP academics in the 1980s political storms”
“Victimisation of some USP staff: changing rules, ex post, 1986”
“Fiji academics at USP attacked viciously, 1985 to 1986”
“No justice for student Kamlesh Prakash” 1986
“USP History/Politics with no place for Dakuvula and Sanday, in 1986”
“Spurning Amartya Sen and getting Bob Marley in 1976” 
“YWCA 1975 Submission to Fiji Government on need for Counter-Inflation Legislation” (22 July 2016)
“Warden Wadan and early USP (1974)” (22 July 2016)
“1975 YWCA/USPSA/SCM Submission on Parliamentary Emoluments” (21 July 2016)
“1975 WYCA/USP Group submission to the Streets Electoral Commission” (21 July 2016)
“The 1973 YWCA and USP Radicalism and Research” (21 July 2016)
“A tribute to Professor Theodore MacDonald (1933-2011)” (20 July 2016).
“1973 USP students: in a class of their own”  (20 July 2016)

A Poem by John Masefield, Poet Laureate 
[at the installation of the Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, 25 June 1946]: “A UNIVERSITY: SPLENDID, BEAUTIFUL AND ENDURING”

“…There are few earthly things more splendid than a university.
In these days of broken frontiers and collapsing values,

when the dams are down and the floods are making misery,
when every ancient foothold has become something of a quagmire,
wherever a university stands, it stands and shines;
wherever it exists, the free minds of men, urged on to full and fair enquiry,
may still bring wisdom into human affairs.

There are few earthly things more beautiful than a university.
It is a place where those who hate ignorance may strive to know,

where those who perceive truth may strive to make others see;
where seekers and learners alike, banded together in the search for knowledge,
will honour thought in all its finer ways,  will welcome thinkers in distress or in exile,
will uphold ever the dignity of thought and learning
and will exact standards in these things.
They give to the young in their impressionable years,
the bond of a lofty purpose shared,
of a great corporate life  whose links will not be loosed until they die.
They give young people that close companionship for which youth longs,
and that chance of the endless discussion of the themes which are endless,
without which youth would seem a waste of time.

There are few things more enduring than a university.
Religions may split into sect or heresy;

dynasties may perish or be supplanted,
but for century after century the university will continue,
and the stream of life will pass through it,
and the thinker and the seeker will be bound together
in the undying cause of bringing thought into the world.

To be a member of one of these great societies must ever be a glad distinction…”

This poem was used by the University of Pittsburgh (USA) for one of its annual reports:


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